‘Grimm’ First Look: Decoding the Mystery of Captain Renard (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Up until now, we’ve come to know Grimm’s steely Capt. Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) as a man of many secrets. And he has pretty much everyone fooled.

To remind you just how much intrigue surrounds the character, Celebuzzhas an exclusive video refresher of the many faces of Capt. Renard.

What do we know so far about the shady cop?

We know he’s some kind of royal with several beasts acting (and killing) on his behalf. It was clear from the show’s pilot that he has some plan for Nick, but that hasn’t become totally clear yet.

He’s a megalomaniac. He’s a caring cop. He has it in for the Grimms, but he has protected Nick’s life on occasion. Who’s the real Renard and what’s his endgame?

On Season 2, James Frain joins as Renard’s brother and it seems that there’s going to be some familial challenges to Renard’s power.

So, before that and other turns are revealed on Grimm’s second season debuting Monday, August 13 at 10PM on NBC, take a look at Celebuzz’s exclusive video of Renard’s journey so far.

What do you think Renard’s real plan is? Tell us your theories in the comments section below.