Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: 'This Could Be Her Angelina Moment,' Says Pop Culture Expert

Will cheating derail kristen's career?
Rob to Forgive Kristen?
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
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When Kristen Stewart admitted to an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, she foiled the on-and-off-screen fairytale romance with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson.

While her reeling relationship still hangs in the balance, Stewart's dalliance with the much-older married man broke hearts all across Twi-hard nation — and they may never mend.

“I think that her fans are going to be upset [and] hurt by this, and will penalize her," Jo Piazza, author of Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, told Celebuzz. “At the very start of her career, Kristen and Rob became a franchise. Since America fell in love with Kristen for the first time, she’s been with Rob. And because of that packaged deal, her brand could get hurt by this.”

Could Stewart's reputation be ruined?

Since landing the coveted role of Bella in Summit Entertainment's blockbuster Twilight Saga franchise, Stewart has built a die-hard fan base worldwide, one primarily comprised of "younger women and a lot of moms," according to Piazza. "Those are the kinds of people who will be offended by what she did, and they will take that out on someone at the box office."

Within the world of Hollywood, however, infidelity is not a deal-breaker.

in the industry is that it won't be going to cast her as a good girl anymore. That door is closed to her for sure now."

But when one door closes, another opens. Still early in her career, Stewart could spin this scandal to reinvent her image.

"This could be her Angelina moment," Piazza said. "Angelina was always edgy, but after she stole Brad she was going to be the bad girl forever more. We already have started to see Kristen go toward darker role. This could be Kristen’s rebranding of herself as that edgier actress, as that bad girl."

Down the line, that public persona could reap rewards.

"Being America’s sweetheart doesn’t last so long," said Piazza, noting that romcom queen Jennifer Aniston "hasn’t made a good or lucrative movie in years."

Why is that? "Because there’s more money in movies being the bad girl," Piazza added.

Not that Stewart is struggling. The young actress topped Forbes' list of highest-paid actresses in Hollywood this year, taking home $34.5 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

As for Pattinson, the actor may profit from being painted a victim throughout this headline-hitting controversy. "Pattinson is getting out of this looking awesome," said Piazza. “He’s going to bounce back. He’s going to do great."

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Kristen: I'm Sorry
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  • Silly silly boy robbie
    Silly silly boy robbie

    Yes! Kristen is free of both of these douchebags, Robert and Rupert. They both took advantage of her immaturity and kind heart. They are both older than her and used her and ditched her. Now don’t worry, because Robert is his own worst enemy. He portrays himself as alittle innocent lamb around his parents, London friends and in interviews. Whereas, in reality he is the polar opposite. He is a sexual addict, hard partier and cocaine addict. He is a bottom feeder, that’s why he picks up skanks and one night stands. He thinks that he is being clever and vengeful with Kristen, but he will be the loser in no time. Just wait and see. He lost the best cover/beard that he will ever have. Kristen gave and gave and never received any quality time or affection from this creep. No wonder she strayed. She will survive, bounce back and strive. I only see happiness for Kristen after the BD2 promos. She just has to make it through that mes, and the producers will probably drop her from it all together anyway because of the death threats from Robsessed hags. She lost a lousy unloving boyfriend but will someday meet a good man who truly loves and adores her. Rob will only destroy himself.

  • For Rob
    For Rob

    @PrayInFaith: Today, forgive those that have hurt you & forgive yourself so that you can walk in victory.

  • made

    For cheating, old story. Professionalism, the ability to see and understand things the whole picture . Kristen, 22-year-old who lacks vision. A week ago, a star actress next week, just an actor. Why anyone would take the financial risk, today’s TWI-Fans get older. Rupen, 43-year-old married father of two children, an idiot. Dreamed career rise would leave the matter there. B-or C-class calls. Robert, 26-year-old was used. Maintain the position of a star but the price is without Kristen. In other words, doing work you should keep your feet together,,,,

  • here it is..
    here it is..

    and this comes from a fan of Kristen too. I’m still a fan but I will never quite look at her in the same way. I don’t it’s right that Rob’s cheating has never been called into question, but I will never entirely forgive Kristen for sleeping with a married father of 2 either. There are some things that there is just no excuse for…EVER.

  • here it is..
    here it is..

    Kristen cheated with a married man who had children. Even if they had an open relationship and even if Rob had been seeing other women in the past while he was with Kristen that doesn’t somehow excuse what she did. She had no excuse hooking up with a married guy like EVER under any circumstances…even if her boyfriend was cheating too. She had ample opportunity to end it with Rob and that’s what she should’ve done…despite pressure from the fanbase, the studio, their teams, whatever. Rob should’ve ended it too with her instead of cheating or whatever they had going with their ‘open’ thing. The point I’m trying to make is that even if Rob slept with 100 or more other women over the last 3 1/2 years, that STILL is not as bad a sleeping with her married director who had children. That is the ultimate low and she will never be entirely forgiven for it either.

  • Sunday night
    Sunday night

    @AlyHazlewood Just seen Robert Pattinson on Brick Lane. Amusingly he was being ignored by all the hipsters. 29 Jul @AlyHazlewood To all the people asking me for a photo of Robert Pattinson, I don’t make a habit of taking pictures of celebrities in the street, sorry. 3h @AlyHazlewood Jeez, can’t believe the crazy interest in Robert Pattinson. He had a bit of a beard, was with a couple of friends & looked perfectly cheery 1hr @AlyHazlewood And that’s all I have to say about it. He probably looked cheerful because he was being left alone to enjoy a wander down Brick Lane. 1h

  • Hahah

    lol why do you believe everyone? i make bs on twitter all the day. ordinary people are so adorable.

  • Lapw

    lol and kristen cared so much right? i hope she stays with rupert. that would make my life

  • called it
    called it

    I knew it would happen. The whole thing went like this: First day ---> Kristen crucified; Second day -----> Was she drunk, high, mentally ill, etc?; Third day -----> It was Rupert fault, he seduced her; Today -----> Rob's playing the victim, let's start hating on him. Yep, you heard right. He's playing the victim card. Pathetic

  • bit dot ly/T142Uj
    bit dot ly/T142Uj

    I don’t think Rob would be kissing another girl if he is brokenhearted about Kristen..but he is less than a week has passed. He doesn't care. He never did.

  • bored

    Uh..he's a guy that was cheated on. It always involves booze and getting laid in the aftermath! Male ego and all that.

  • just.not.right

    hope this is her 'angelina' moment.. can't stand that chick either.

  • Pru

    god, you people are cruel

  • doesn't waste time
    doesn't waste time

    @AlyHazlewood Just seen Robert Pattinson on Brick Lane. Amusingly he was being ignored by all the hipsters. 29 Jul @AlyHazlewood To all the people asking me for a photo of Robert Pattinson, I don't make a habit of taking pictures of celebrities in the street, sorry. 3h @AlyHazlewood Jeez, can't believe the crazy interest in Robert Pattinson. He had a bit of a beard, was with a couple of friends & looked perfectly cheery 1hr @AlyHazlewood And that's all I have to say about it. He probably looked cheerful because he was being left alone to enjoy a wander down Brick Lane. 1h And another sighting of him out partying from last night in London on Brick Lane. Doesn't appear to be taking this break up scandal too badly does he? Probably because he never really cared in the first place.

  • doesn't waste time
    doesn't waste time

    Jenn Hoffman ‏@JennHoffmanFACT: The real reason I was banned from Chateau Marmont is b/c I tweeted about Robert Pattinson being there & getting cozy w another woman. 26 Jul That sure didn't take long for him to downshift to hooking up with another woman did it? He was out by Monday and already screwing some bar sk *ank at Bar Marmont by Thursday. Nice for a guy who's supposedly "heartbroken" and "in seclusion not taking calls" over the scandal. Rob Pattinson is a fake and a cheater in his own right. Deleting my comment won't make any difference.

  • dan

    I guess just showing off her boobs and ass in public were not enough to keep her name in the news so she decided it would be better if everyone know she likes to share those items with anyone that can advance her career.

  • M2m

    I dont really understand why kristen stewart did this terrible thing - cheating. she turned all it into nightmare. I am sure she cant put everything back to what it was. Especially losing the man that she said the one she love and the most important to her.she is really sick and stupid!

  • candy

    IF Kristen could act, this scandal might help her. But continuing to bite her lip to show emotion will not cut it. No scandal can turn a talentless person into a talented one.

  • sarah

    People will see her as the "bad girl" now? Doubt it... People will continue to see her as the bad actress in those lame vampire movies.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    oh please this isn't her angelina moment Kristen has no talent

  • CarrMitchell

    Ambiguity is their forté! CashLazy.*com (remove the *)