Robert Pattinson: New Behind the Scenes Stills of 'Cosmopolis' (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson Behind the Scenes of 'Cosmopolis'

With most of the country, seemingly, on Team Pattinson at the moment -- after girlfriend Kristen Stewart's tryst with Snow White director Rupert Sanders -- the Hollywood hunk (or studio's savvy PR team) chose the perfect time for the actor to "reemerge."

Never-before-seen photos of Robert Pattinson hit the Internet on Monday from the upcoming David Cronenberg flick, Cosmopolis -- an adaptation of Don DeLillo's 2003 hit novel.

Based in Manhattan, the novel depicts a day in the life of a billionaire asset manager who sets out to get a haircut, but instead his simple limo ride turns into a chain of destructive events.

What is Pattinson's part in the feature?

Pattinson plays the role of Eric Parker, the 28-year-old richie whose day turns a bit upside down.

After debuting at the Cannes Film Festival, Cosmopolis received a variety of reviews.  However, Pattinson's performance itself was noted as being quite on par.

Robbie Collin of  The Telegraph declared that at the movie's core is a "sensational central performance from Robert Pattinson -- yes, that Robet Pattinson."

Pattinson may be well-known for character Edward in the Twilight saga, but he is certainly not one to be type casted -- other noteworthy performances include his roles in Remember Me and Water for Elephants.

Do you think all the Twi-hards will be keeping an eye out for Cosmopolis? Leave a comment below.

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