Seal Left Fuming After Journalist Asks If He’s Drunk

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Don’t mess with Seal and his beer.

The British singer flew into a Twitter rage after reading an interview in which a journalist asked if he was “drunk”.

Australia’s Madison Magazine conducted a question and answer session with singer Emma-Louise Birdsall, who was mentored by Seal, 49, on the local version of The Voice.

However, the article took a turn when the journalist questioned the young star about Seal’s sobriety and he wasn’t happy at all.

So what exactly set Seal off?

Taking to his social networking site to vent, Heidi Klum’s ex made it very clear that his wild ways were in the past.

“Just read interview with the amazing @emma_birdsall in Madison Mag,” he tweeted.

“While she came across impeccably classy, shame about the low-life level of journalism.

“‘What was your relationship like with Seal?’ ‘Was he drunk?’ Honestly, really? Is that how you guys plan on getting me back to Australia, by resorting to the lowest form of gutter sh*te?

“Keep it up!”

The article had centered around Birdsall’s music, style and hopes for the future but the cheeky reporter – who had no doubt heard the reports of Seal’s past partying – couldn’t help but ask “was he drunk?”

Fortunately for the “Kiss From A Rose” singer, Birdsall had his back and immediately hit back at the accusations.

“No, Seal doesn’t drink; he’s very into that clean living,” she said.

Seal has been forced to defend his boozing in the past when it was blamed for his marriage breakdown to the Victoria Secret model.

Just after announcing their divorce in January 2012, he publicly denied his partying had anything to do with their split.

“I don’t drink alcohol,” he said. “I haven’t drunk anything for a year.”

Seal is yet to sign on for another series of the hit singing show.

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