Beyonce and Jay-Z Rent $43.5m Hamptons Summer Home -- Go Inside Their Lavish Mega Mansion (PHOTOS)

Blue Ivy's Lavish Life
Jay-Z raps about daughter's swanky lifestyle. Read More »

With baby Blue Ivy to care for, Beyonce and Jay-Z are expanding their home and dropping big bucks on a new pad.

The hip-hop super couple have swooped up a new summer home -- make that a mega mansion -- located in The Hamptons, the New York Post reports.

The lavish estate is currently listed at a whopping $43.5 million, but Beyonce, 30, and Jay Z, 42, are opting to play the market -- instead, renting this swanky pad.

How much are they putting down?

Make that a cool $400,000 -- for just the month of August.

Sparing no expense, the proud parents certainly had their 6-month-old daughter in mind when scoping out the property.

Known as Sandcastle, the estate features a "planetarium like home theater," a two-lane bowling alley, a skateboard half pipe, a rock climbing wall and a children's performing area.

Will Blue Ivy have the best -- and certainly most entertaining -- childhood of all history? Quite possibly.

Jay-Z himself has even acknowledged that, rapping about his daughter's lavish lifestyle in Rick Ross' new track, "N***** couldn’t f*** with my daughters room, n***** couldn’t walk in my daughters socks."

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What do you think of Blue Ivy's new giant playroom? Launch the gallery to peek inside Beyonce and Jay-Z new home.



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  • crystal

    This home would had been a great investment property for them. Why are they always sticking Kim Kardashian next to Beyonce. Kim is a real mental case and Kanye got his hands full. She mimicks every female like she studies them and then try to become them thats a real nut case. Even now Kim is copying off Amber's pregnancy. Its strange no one is noticing her behavior. Something is loose in that womans' head.

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    Are you kidding me?? =0

  • 1opinionatedchic

    I just can't fathom a residence for such a price