Debbie Rowe, Mother of Michael Jackson’s Eldest Children, ‘Upset and Praying’ Guardianship Battle is Solved (EXCLUSIVE GUEST BLOG)

Jackson Siblings Banned
King of Pop's siblings banned from Katherine Jackson's home.
Katherine Loses Kids
Katherine Jackson will share custody of MJ's kids.
Writing exclusively for Celebuzz, New York Times best-selling investigative journalist Ian Halperin (‘Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson’) reveals Debbie Rowe — the biological mother of Prince and Paris Jackson — is concerned for her children’s welfare as an L.A. judge grants custody to the late King of Pop’s 34-year-old nephew, T.J. Jackson.

The ongoing public feud between Michael Jackson’s siblings and the executors of The King Of Pop’s estate did not surprise the biological mother of Jackson’s two eldest kids.

According to a source close to Debbie Rowe, the mother of Prince and Paris Jackson, she was extremely aware of how a notably adversarial relationship between the Jackson family and the executors of MJ’s estate developed in the past several months.

“Debbie is acutely aware of what is going on and is monitoring the situation closely,” the source revealed. “She knew about this for months and hoped that it would work itself out behind closed doors. She was upset that everything is being dragged out in the public eye, something Michael would have opposed staunchly. She loves her children unconditionally and prays that they will not be dragged into this publicly any further. She thinks it’s a very delicate and sad situation that should not be aired publicly.”

Rowe reportedly cut a trip to a horse show short and hurried back to southern California when she got wind of missing person reports about the children’s legal guardian, Katherine Jackson.

“Debbie would like Katherine to consult her before making any changes to the agreement they worked out together after Michael died,” a source told the NY Daily News.

For nearly a decade, Rowe’s contact with her two children was extremely minimal. She’s always maintained that it was at her discretion, because she thought MJ was more than suitable to look after the children on his own.

“I didn’t do it to be a mother,” she once said. “I didn’t change diapers. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night, even when I was there, Michael did it all.”

Now, Rowe appears to be on good terms with her two children, but somewhat betrayed by the recent public firestorm among the Jackson clan. Last month, to mark the third anniversary of her father’s passing, Paris Jackson tweeted a touching photo of her dad kissing Debbie Rowe, captioning it “Mommy and Daddy”.

“The children have been in contact with their mother and the relationship is somewhat better than it’s ever been,” the source close to Rowe revealed. “But she’ll still do whatever she can to protect them. She fully accepts the responsibility of protecting her children’s welfare even though they are under the full time guardianship and care of someone else.”

Last week a L.A. judge took custody away from Michael’s mother Katherine and handed it to children’s first cousin, 34 year-old TJ Jackson who has been very close to MJ’s three children since their father’s passing.

“Debbie understands how difficult it must be for Michael’s mother to raise the children because of her age,” the source close to Rowe said. “She knows how much the children love and respect TJ so for now she accepts the new situation. But if things don’t go as planned you can be sure she’ll be back in court looking after the best interests of her kids. Under the present circumstances that’s basically all she can do.”

As for the allegations of fraud alleged by the Jacksons against the executors of MJ’s estate, the source close to Rowe was skeptical.

“They (Branca and McClain) seem to be doing a great job,” the source said. “They have erased the huge debt and the estate will be very profitable in the future, which is great news for the children. It’s confusing why the family is so up in arms. Michael’s will was very clear. But if Michael didn’t actually sign the will, as the family alleged, then there would be no statute of limitations for the family to challenge the will because there is no statute on fraud. If the family can really prove this then a lot of things will change. But if they’re wrong and don’t have concrete proof they should stop now, especially for the sake of the children.”

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