Kate Beckinsale’s Husband Says Her Love Scenes With Colin Farrell in ‘Total Recall’ Made His ‘Blood Boil’

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He’s married to one of the hottest women in Hollywood so it’s no wonder Len Wiseman hates watching his wife, Kate Beckinsale, 39, get hot and heavy with other men.

Despite tying the knot eight years ago, the Total Recall director, 39, still can’t shake the green eyed monster when it comes to directing his lady’s love scenes.

Whether it’s a nude shot with Scott Speedman, 36, in Underworld Evolution — or a simple kiss with Colin Farrell, 36, in the Total Recall remake —  it doesn’t get any easier for Wiseman.

So how does he deal with watching Kate’s love scenes?

“It’s just weird and it really helps that I’ve gone through that experience twice,” Wiseman told Celebuzz.

“It’s amazing how much your blood boils immediately if you call cut and it doesn’t stop right way. On Underworld, I was being very polite and they didn’t hear me. You’ve got to stop when I call cut. So now I make a point of having a megaphone during love scenes.”

Surprisingly, Wiseman originally thought of Beckinsale to play the 3-breasted hooker in the film remake, but got the thumbs down from his famous wife.

“I’m sure it was largely so that we could keep the costume, actually — and not really anything else,” Beckinsale confided to Celebuzz, about being offered the part.

“But I’m really glad I didn’t do that. I see how much attention that poor woman’s breasts have got and I’ve got an 8th grader and I think I’d be in the dog house so badly for that.”

As for performing love scenes in front of her husband, Beckinsale said she felt no pressure.

“I think it’s possible, as a woman, to be fairly enigmatic,” said the actor.

“We don’t have any movable parts. Nobody can tell what we’re really thinking. I think it’s much harder for boys.”

However, Farrell wasn’t quite as keen to get cozy with his co-star while her husband was on set and admitted it was one of the most awkward situations he’s experience in more than 15-years in the business.

“Len wasn’t even polite enough to leave the room,” he joked. “Thank god it barely touched first base.”

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