Kylie Jenner: Covering 'Seventeen' Magazine's September Issue

Kylie & Kendall Shoot
Kendall and Kylie Jenner photo shoot BTS
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Kylie Jenner is offering a sneak peek of her new Seventeen magazine cover, in which the reality TV starlet poses with her sister Kendall. Kylie writes on her blog:

"Kendall and I are on the cover of the September issue of Seventeen Magazine!! What do you guys think of the cover?"

The sisters, who are also Seventeen West Coast fashion contributors, talk about supporting each other and how to deal with gossip in the issue; it hits newsstands on Aug. 7.

Be sure to check out more of Kendall and Kylie on their personal blog!



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  • Drew

    i personally think youre screwed in the head and youre a disgusting pig! you need some mental help, urgently. xxx

  • kardashiansonmydick

    ill be stroking every episode over these 2 hot little honeys:)

  • realtalk

    Seriously I'm sick of the both of these girls, all of you who defend Kylie and Kendall because they're young are stupid and hypocritical! It makes no sense, they are the real nobody's here, They are the ones who are famous just for being famous and pretty. If they didn't have the looks, the family and the rich social status like Deana said, they wouldn't be on that cover. The mother is pimping them out and putting them out there. All they really are just sisters to famous people and models, but even at that I see it as stupid because their mother got them their jobs. Sorry I have no respect for people who get in easily, try being a regular person like the rest of us and try to get into the modeling agency then. Everyone is kissing their asses like they're the must see girls and know everything, they're not special at all and Bruce has to basically beg for their attention which is sad.

  • dave1001

    I personally can't wait for them to get their own show. Pedos like little girls and Kylie and Kendall are sexy young women with great bodies. I think most guys will probably be jerking off over them if they get their own show.

  • tara

    babe, if your going to insult them at least learn how to spell correctly and structure a sentence properly, so as of now your arguement is INVALID. ciaaaaao bonita xxx

  • Tami Jennelle
    Tami Jennelle

    are you serious? ANOTHER kardashian related program? you know, i really liked them when they all first rolled out...khloe and kourtney in miami was my show...even defended kim when she would do the dumb shit she does, but now, im kinda like, over it and bored. i mean, ok we know you are there, what do want? i mean i still think they are a great familoy, lots of fun and down to earth, but its getting stale in my mouth.

  • Deana Gettys
    Deana Gettys

    lol totally agree !!

  • Deana Gettys
    Deana Gettys

    lmao !!!!super model my butt!!1there are way way many more girls int eh hole us that are way better looking and way beautifuler that either one of those Jenner girls they we born with silver spoons in there mouths and it shows on every episode of the kartrashians there spoiled brats and every thing that they get its not because there beautiful at all it's a privileged based on there social status and who there mother and siblings are GET IT RIGHT SUPER MODELS THEY ARE NOT !!

  • Jenna

    Errr no hating but there is too much photoshop on this cover look at Kylies face looks weird and forced they are so pretty but they look kinda werid on this one.

  • mileyismylife

    they're really both so gorgeous!

  • Alex Lipchik
    Alex Lipchik

    hey girls! okay so i follow you on insta keek twitter anywhere possible .. I'm not a creep don't worry its just that you two inspire me great amounts and make me believe in myself you are both flawless and i wish i could be you..metting you is my biggest dream! even video chatting with you or you liking one of my pics or something to know that you have read at least one of my comments somewhere! thank you so much for your time and never change because you are wonderful and i admire the jenners! stay beautiful xoxo

  • hihu

    A spin-off about teenagers? Welcome pedos!