Miley Cyrus Tweets Makeup Free Picture In Bed (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Tweet Photos in Bed
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Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to let fans into her life or, it seems, into her bed.

The 19-year-old star let her guard down on Twitter on Monday July 30, tweeting a picture of herself, makeup free, moments after she woke up.

The picture also featured her favorite pup Ziggy cuddled up to the "Party in the U.S.A" singer.

And Cyrus isn't the only one letting fans into their bedrooms via Twitter, find out what other celebs love to tweet from bed.

Cyrus was willing to tweet a picture of herself not as camera ready as usual, as her bulldog puppy looked so cute.

“Ok don’t judge my hair I just woke up. But look at Zigz face :) she looks like she guarding purgatory. So wise,” Cyrus tweeted.

She also isn't the only celeb who loves tweeting from bed. From Cyrus' BFF, Kelly Osbourne to Lady Gaga, there are many celebs who love sharing their bedroom photos -- some without getting enough beauty sleep.

Check out the gallery above for more photos!

Who do you think looked great and who looked like they should have just stayed in bed? Sound off below.

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  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i mean i love demi and all but is she really about to sleep? she has a lot of makeup on

  • mileyismylife

    this is the cutest!

  • saka

    Demi is so pretty.