Olympics 2012: The 11 Most Shocking Moments From the London Games… So Far (PHOTOS)

London Olympics 2012
5 unforgettable moments from the opening ceremony.
Similar to past Olympics, this year’s London Games is riddled with controversies and jaw-dropping moments — already.

From U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps’ lackluster performances in the pool to Colombia soccer player Lady Andrade’s socking sucker punches in the field, the 2012 Olympics on track to be one of history’s most memorable Summer Games.

Launch the gallery for the 11 most shocking moments from London… so far.

On Saturday, China’s Ye Shiwen shocked the world when she smashed a world record with her gold medal swim in the 400-meter individual medley, the toughest race in swimming.

Not only did the 16-year-old nab the gold medal with flying colors, but she also swam faster than Ryan Lochte, one of the best U.S. male swimmer, according to the clock.

Shiwen finished her final 50 meters in 28.93 seconds, beating out Lochte’s record of 29.10 seconds.

However, Seeing how Lochte, 27, has been doing swimmingly (pun intended) in all events, there’s no doubt Shiwen’s record-breaking stint will be challenged again.

Learn more about some of the London Games’ brightest stars, below.

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