Taylor Swift Spends Romantic Weekend With Rumored Boyfriend Conor Kennedy (PHOTOS)


Taylor Swift is apparently dating a Kennedy.

So suggests a collection of new photos, anyway, in which the 22-year-old country singer is seen enjoying a slice of pizza with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy and a group of friends at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.

According to the New York Post, Swift met up with Kennedy -- who is the grandson of legendary politician Robert F. Kennedy -- on Friday, the day the photo was taken.

The two proceeded to spend a weekend fit for, well, a Kennedy, complete with sailing, holding hands, chats with family matriarch Ethel, and even a trip to Church on Sunday.

Sources added the couple was very "touchy-feeling" during their romantic getaway.

If confirmed, this would be the latest beau for Swift, who over the years has dated some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Past boyfriends include Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas and, perhaps most infamously, John Mayer, who was allegedly the subject of Swift's 2010 song, 'Dear John.'

In perhaps an ironic twist, given Tuesday's news, Swift was most recently linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of actor-turned-Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kennedy, who turned 18 last week, is also the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Richardson Kennedy, who hanged herself in May. According to the Wall Street Journal, Conor is poised to become the administrator of Mary's estate.

No official word on when Swift and Kennedy first met.

What do you think about this possible romance? Could he be the one for Swift? Check them out now in the gallery, above, then sound off in the comments!

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  • Shibboo

    wear turtle necks and sit up sghtiart LOL)! My body is covered in stretch marks(stomach, hips, boobs, thighs, UGH), im still 20lbs over my pre pregnancy weight! I had to have a c-section(had a few complications as well) and my stomach is just like..(saggy..idk how to explain it). It makes it hard to get out of bed, because i dread getting dressed and nothing fitting right! I get out of bed, and honestly being that im a stay at home mom, i stay in my pjs most of the time!Im so ready to find myself!

  • Mary Frances Stout
    Mary Frances Stout

    I love Taylor and I have followed the Kennedys for years.I trully believe the Kenndy family is cursed. I hope Taylor will stay free of all the tragdy that has surrounded the Kennedy for years. I wish you the best Taylor and Connor you both are so young and incent and look so happy togeather.

  • ted409

    taylor looks great ! i hope this brings her all the happiness in the world

  • zip

    yeah lad, it's means you're an idiot.

  • devonK

    do you even know what an "imbosil" is?

  • dave1001

    I wonder what it'd be like having sex with Taylor. She's so sweet and innocent seeming, it'd be like doing it with a Disney princess or something. I wonder if when she has an orgasm whether cartoons birds fly all around her...hehe

  • zip

    shut your mouth you imbosil, and leave her the hell alone. Taylor is amazing, just cause she does some awkwardish hand movements and such, doesnt make her any less amazing and doesnt give you a right to say sh*t, so close ya trap bebs, xx

  • adela92

    wasnt she just dating his cousin? and is he still in high school?

  • devonK

    scoliosis is not attractive, taylor.

  • mileyismylife

    Taylor is beyond beautiful, love her dress!

  • BEP#1

    I hate to say it, but I hope she doesn't end up like the rest of the famous Kennedys, 6 feet under!

  • BEP#1

    Hate to say it, but hope she doesnt end up like the rest of the Kennedy women...drunk and in a pine box!

  • devonK

    she really needs to start acting her age, and dating teenaged boys doesn't help. grow the f up taylor.