‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Bullets, Bullies and a Big Reveal, Oh My!

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It started out so simply, this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), and their respective parents were trapped in the Sheriff’s station by a gun-wielding Matt (Stephen Lunsford). Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was tracking them, and Allison (Crystal M. Reed), out for revenge in her mother’s name, was tracking Derek.

But the episode that started in flashback to the night Jackson (Colton Haynes) videotaped himself sleeping very quickly spun out of control, revealing yet another (bigger, badder) kanima master, as well as Scott’s secret.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to see “Fury.”

After watching Matt make a connection with the kanima through his camera, we suddenly have a new definition for the term “brotherly love.” It turned out Matt had a mega grudge from over half a decade ago, when Isaac’s brother got drunk and tossed him into a pool, and Isaac’s dad told him not to tell anyone. And Matt was victim enough to listen. Talk about an anti-bullying PSA!

Matt’s motives may have been warped, but his means were a pretty fascinating. Through a long spew of exposition, we learned that using his camera once again, Matt took photos of the would-be victims, letting the rage build in himself and ultimately projecting it onto Jackson to carry out his dirty work. Of course, he had dozens, if not hundreds, of paparazzi style shots of Allison on his camera, and she ended up assaulting the precinct, rather than ending up Jackson’s victim.

Between Matt’s story of being bullied and then pushing a gun in our beloved heroes’ faces and Allison ultimately bringing her trusty crossbow and also automatic weapons into a police station after receiving a little approval and a whole lot of manipulation from her grandfather (Michael Hogan), this whole episode of Teen Wolf felt a little too celebratory of the sloppy mass violence that populates headlines.

We’d be lying if we said Allison’s killer aim and ability to make an entrance didn’t unleash the wannabe Lara Croft inside us, too, but we found ourselves just hoping all her stray bullets would shoot through Matt, teaching him a lesson once and for all. Even before he pulled the cliche “If I can’t have you, no one can” card. Sure, he went through some rough stuff, but he ultimately intensified the cycle of violence. Teen Wolf delivered a number of teachable moments tonight about living with fear and hate in your heart.

Derek and the Kanima took each other on in an epic fight that Scott only entered when he saw his mother was in danger. But before they could even get to that, Matt left Scott with a bullet in the chest. That would be bad if he was an average boy, but because he’s a werewolf who heals faster than most, let alone at all, it was only a matter of time before his mother the nurse realized he was back in tip-top shape after only a few minutes.

That’s right: Scott’s secret got out! Coming to his mother’s rescue, he “wolfed out” and couldn’t hide his face from his mother, who shrank away in disappointment but not quite fear.

But Teen Wolf wasn’t leaving the reveals there. Because Matt was breaking the rules of the kanima and killing people who didn’t actually deserve to die, he started to become the kanima. Grandpa Argent ultimately came to the rescue, drowning Matt once and for all and absorbing his power to become the new master. Meanwhile, Peter (Ian Bohen) stood and watched in shock and awe. That seemed to imply a new power struggle to come.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Allison encounters Scott in the Sheriff’s station and keeps her gun level on him, warning him to stay out of her way. And, for once, we have no doubt she is angry enough to hurt even the one she loves.

Thank you, TV gods: The veterinarian finally has a purpose! Revealing that he vowed to protect Derek, as he once did for his family, not only gives the Alpha a new ally but also gives the show a source of explanation for some of the unseen dynamics that might get lost amid the chaos.

Awk-ward: Matt’s crazy eyed “I want to hurt a lot of people” was the stuff of sophomoric slasher films except for the real world similarities of recent current events.

Hotness: The slash shippers were given a little something extra tonight when Matt compelled Jackson to scratch Stiles’ neck, and he fell face down on top of an equally immobilized Derek.

Fab-u-lous: We’re not quite sure exactly why Derek’s dream was one in which he saw himself standing half-naked in a cloud of white, but we certainly liked looking at it!

Can. Not. Wait.: What will Grandpa Argent do with his new power?!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

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