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The mark of any high school story told on television is usually in the power of its romance. Young kids watch and want to imagine they’ll find just as swoon-worthy a guy or girl in their own school, too. That’s what’s being explored on this week’s episode of Oxygen’s The Glee Project.

Everything from first time jitters to the biggest celebratory moments of young lives are explored on Glee, so naturally, any potential cast member needs to be comfortable acting out crushes on-screen.

Last season in The Glee Project, “Romanticality” week tested one contestant’s morality and ultimately made the audience question how he’d even be an actor at all if he didn’t want to fake-kiss anyone. But this year, the theme will be much smoother sailing for the Top 6 left in the competition when they are paired up for a chemistry test music video.

How would you pair up The Glee Project’s Top 6?

After a visit from Darren Criss (we can feel you squeeing through the computer), the remaining contestants tackle “Romanticality” through a music video shoot for Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”

This video also features special Glee guest star Iqbal Theba, and you can see it in full, before the episode airs, below.

Pairing Aylin and Shanna, Michael and Lily, and Blake and Ali, the contestants are asked to really tap into their sexytime places more than ever before. Aylin should be a natural, since she deems herself the “flirt,” but Blake may be one to watch, too. After all, for a few weeks there it seemed like something was brewing with Nellie, but now he has to turn it “on” for another girl.

Okay, in truth, Celebuzz caught up with Blake, and he brushed aside any rumblings, saying that he loves Nellie as a friend, just as he does all of his co-stars. In fact, he actually already has a girlfriend.

“I just love everybody in the cast so much!” he smiled, completely sincerely.

Down to the Top 6, and they’re still not clawing each other out of the way to win over Ryan Murphy. These kids are either the most well-adjusted we’ve ever seen or too idealistic for their own good!

Watch a sneak peek of Criss as mentor and this week’s intimate music video below!

The Glee Project airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM on Oxygen.

Which remaining Glee Project contestant would YOU want to romance? Weigh in in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano