Courtney Stodden Lands Her Own Reality TV Series (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

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Watch out world, it is official: teen bride Courtney Stodden is finally getting her own reality television show.

The 17-year-old from Marina Del Ray, Calif. took to Twitter on Monday night to reveal that she and her 52-year-old husband, The Green Mile star Doug Hutchison, will soon invade the small screen.

Speaking exclusively to Celebuzz, Stodden's momager Krista Keller indeed confirmed that the long-sought reality TV show will soon become a well -- a reality.

“People are going to be very excited,” she gushed.

So, what exactly is the show and who will be airing it?

Keller wouldn't reveal specific details about the show, beyond confirming that shooting has begun at a supposedly top-secret location.

“She is going to be gone for about three weeks,” Keller said.

For her part, Stodden gushed on Twitter:

“She did tweet that she was doing a show and that is all the information that she is allowed to say at the moment,” Keller added.

“I’ll be there with her on the show and her husband will be by her side also.”




The sometimes-controversial Stodden is currently counting down the days until she finally turns 18.


When 51-year-old Hutchison married 16-year-old Stodden in May, 2011, their 35-year age difference set the world ablaze.

Since then Stodden has become an internet favorite for her out-there photo shoots and web videos.

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  • Kevin

    She's really hot too bad she's a complete fool

  • rrs

    all these fools, horny toads, this girl looks like she can star in a porn movie. she looks very sluty posing like this,in this one photo, where she is touching herself! no brains what so ever either, and there is now way that she is beautiful,either, just a little girl, tryin to act like a grown up woman, and those shoes,that she is always posing in well ,lets just say that they look way to big for her body,and they look like they weigh more than she does , that is very funny,too................

  • Anonymous

    Like she can read. Pfft!

  • Birdzzz

    clearly a man.

  • chiba

    Turns out it is not HER show, it's part of some couples rehab thing, and one of the other people on the show called Doug out for being a child molester. Doug is all petulant and pissy because he thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants, regardless of morality, etc, and DEMAND everyone accept it.

  • chiba

    Topaz, you pull that EVERY time you get caught with yet another alt! And you call everyone else 'crazy'. You have literally THOUSANDS of photos of these two on your facebook, you want to see Courtney naked, you call other people names, then you say people are bullies if they do likewise. You are a f*cking NUTCASE!

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Counting down the days for the biggie D!!!! DIVORCE!!!

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Mariah this is what parents do!!!!! Topaz and Krista are one in the same!!!

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Of course you would have so much invested!!!!

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Mariah...Topaz Michelle et. is no more than Krista Keller....Let's get rill now!!! LMAO

  • dana

    this is why i WANT cable!

  • Armageddon

    He is in WA. Further proof her mom pimped her out to Doug- moved right along with her & moved in next door. Courtney is the product of her mother vicariously living through her daughter for years. Not even living with her husband. Courtney also has 2 half sisters- nothing about them either. So... they are choosing to stay as far away as possible?... hmm Her mom needs more therapy than C does

  • Armageddon

    Yeah, its you Topaz, Misty Gracie, Krista, whatever. For one, you are the only one who brings up Doug AND Courtney. Just like Misty Gracie, fawning over Dougie Creepy boy. Stopping @ nothing to pimp Courtney.

  • Erin

    Honestly, who takes a pic of themselves posing like a porn star and gives it to their MOTHER on Mother's Day? This girl is sick and deluded....and so is her twisted parents. BTW, anyone else noticed that her dad never seems to be around?

  • Mariah

    Oh, yeah, you're not just talk EXACTLY like her, and Topaz has NEVER claimed she wasn't her...she got called out for being Misty Grace, which she denied until recently.

  • Armageddon

    She has been and is a joke. That is what a network is possibly banking on. To parlay the joke that they are. And they are too ignorant to know otherwise, or they don't care.

  • Armageddon

    Would rather watch someone "pretending" to be classy and elegant than someone pretending to be sexy and talented.

  • Armageddon

    Doubt very much it is her own reality show. Took the bait to be in a reality show maybe? Krista said she will be there, too & Doug will only "be by her side". Someone suggested "Momagers". Ha! Krista getting what she wants? And another train wreck reality show! Yeah, Doug & Courtney Rule (Topaz)- they will go away. Reality is 15 min of fame and usually crashes on those that think it is more. You have not been paying attention?

  • redmint

    oh my god yaaaaayyyy!! i'm so excited! i've heard so many rumours about them getting a show and turns out its true!! seeing that babe strut her stuff, looking beautiful as hell, YAAY hurry up and film this show alreadyy!

  • Doug_and_Courtney_Rule

    Who the F is "Topaz"? God Forbid that there someone else with an opposing opinion here. I find Doug & Courtney much more interesting than the Karda$hians who will hopefully gone after their shows are all over! AT least DOug & COurtney don't pretend to be "classy" or "elegant" like the Karda$hians! Time for Reality TV to bring Doug & Courtney to provide entertainment. Those two will not disappoint!

  • Go away
    Go away

    Wow- walking around like a prostitute, offering no talent, ignorance, lies- that is better than the Kardashians? The Kardashians need to go away, too, but they far, far exceed Courtney & Doug! OMG! Some class and intelligence, for one. Whatever network may have taken Courtney on, is only doing so because they know she is a train wreck. Unfortunately, some like to watch the train wreck. They probably will be making fun of her like they did on Jason Alexander's "Do or Die"! WE DON'T NEED NARCISSISTIC BIMBOS WHO THINK THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED ON TV! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DAY THAT COURTNEY GOES AWAY! There are far more beautiful, sincere & talented women out there.

  • Chula

    We can only hope, but as oblivious as these people are, they will keep on trying to force themselves on the public consciousness. I cannot see how any network would NOT do their homework and see that the comments about her are 99% negative, and how do they expect to parlay that into a successful show? Seriously? What does it take to even get a Nelson rating? A couple thousand people watching the icky is NOT going to register as even a blip, and it will die quickly, if it makes it on air at all.

  • Katie

    Finally. I'm sorry but there is now way that she was just doing all those stupid publicity stunts (walking around in only a bikini and heels. Countless random photo shoots) just for fun. This has clearly been their motive since day 1. Now the show will air, no one will watch it, it will diminish, and so will their relationship in the public eye and we won't have to hear about this anymore.

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane


  • Mariah

    Doug_and_Courtney Rule has started several facebook pages to sniff-ass these two. She is online all day every day in case Courtney 'says' something, so she can tell her how well-said it was, or right on, etc. She and a few friends keep trying to get any anti-Courtney pages taken down, in the hopes her idol will notice her. She is seriously John Hinckley Jr. SCARY! (Please visit FB page Courtney Stodden Needs More Drugs)

  • Mariah

    What network is allegedly doing this? The minute we know, we are sending them and all their sponsors letters of intended boycott that they would put a stamp of approval on ephebophilia. Until a network actually says, "YES, we are filming and airing it", it's probably another lie! Remember all the 'spokesperson' roles she's claimed to have, and two of them have come out verbally and said they have no connection with her AT ALL, and that she concocted the allegiance in her own mind! One asked that she REMOVE the video she aired claiming she was working with them!

  • Mariah

    Really, Topaz? Do you know the meaning of 'reality'? We know Courtney doesn't. If it's reality, why isn't it being shot at their cheap apartment? Why do they need to 'move out' for 3 weeks? This is an idiot who recently claimed jealousy was just as bad as MURDER! Who has come out against the gay community she was begging to have embrace her! Who calls people fat, ugly, Chinks, and Latinos (in a very disparaging way). She told one Hispanic dude only WHITE men could be soldiers! He couldn't be a soldier because he's LATINO! There is nothing REAL about these people, and everything out of their mouths is a lie!

  • Mariah

    Oh dear's Topaz Michelle/Misty Gracie and however many other alts she uses. This girl thinks everything these two do (esp. Courtney) is the most genius thing on the planet! She wants to wear a Courtney-skin suit, I'm telling you!

  • Doug_and_Courtney_Rule

    Brandy, its soo funny that you consider the Karda$hians to be more "real"! LMAO! YOU obviously have fallen for the media hype for the Karda$hians who are soo overrated. I much rather see DOUG & COURTNEY, over the Karda$hians any day!

  • Brandy Nichole Comeau
    Brandy Nichole Comeau

    U have to be joking me! What kind of crack are you on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!! The Kardashians maybe out there but at least they are more real then these two dumb asses!

  • Doug_and_Courtney_Rule

    If you don't like Courtney or her husband than why bother reading the article & commenting? I'm actually excited for them and wish them well on their reality show! Much rather watch them than the Kardashians any day!

  • gina

    Sorry but your 15 min of fame is up. GO AWAY

  • miss.rouso

    dear God, help us all!

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    God, really? Really? I'm calling for a boycott...

  • Yeney Reina
    Yeney Reina

    wtf? "People are going to be very excited"- yes, we are, because we want to see more dumb, self centered, self absorbed, superficial people like you on tv... yes... of course.

  • Jen

    And this is why I don't have cable.

  • AlaBella

    “People are going to be very excited” - I'm afraid people are going to be very excited the day they file for divorce...