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Will feuding Ewing cousins Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and John Ross (Josh Henderson) finally squash their beef on Wednesday’s episode of TNT’s Dallas?

Last week, Chris came to his scheming, older cousin’s rescue, after Vincente (Carlos Benard) arranged for him to get a good ol’ fashioned Texas whoopin’ in jail. Once the dust settled, Christopher made the ultimate sacrifice by giving the Venezuelan business man exclusive rights to his methane extraction project in South America. How long will their truce last and what does this mean for Christopher’s pursuit of Elena (Jordana Brewster)?

Rebecca’s (Julie Gonzalo) faux brother Tommy (Callard Harris) is not giving up so easily on getting a cut of the Ewing fortune. The grifter returns and demands Rebecca’s help or he will come clean to her husband and in-laws about who he really is.

Missing in action JR (Larry Hagman) finally returned to Braddock County once he received word about John Ross’ hospitalization. Although the no good oil tycoon is relieved his namesake has recovered and beaten murder charges, he’s still gunning to get the mineral rights to Southfork. John Ross appears to have had a change of heart concerning hustling Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Christopher after the two stuck their necks out for him. Will John Ross go against his father or stick with their plan?

Sue Ellen’s (Linda Gray) deal with the devil, Harris Rylan (Mitch Pileggi), has come back to bite her. The transportation king wants to call in his favor for donating to her campaign and continuing doing business with John Ross. Will Sue Ellen cave to Harris’ demands?

Over on Southfork, Bobby’s health takes a drastic turn causing the family to put their squabbles aside and rally together. Will Bobby make it and how will JR use his illness to his advantage? With only one episode to go, this installment of Dallas is must see TV.

Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on TNT. Watch a couple sneak peeks above and below.

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