Jessica Chastain Vs. Katharine Hepburn: Flapper Style Fashion Rewind (POLL)


The Help actress, Jessica Chastain, is the newest celebrity to go vintage chic.

As her strawberry locks flowed in retro waves, the 35-year-old beauty donned a flapper-inspired dress and dangling earrings for the cover of Vanity Fair's September style issue.

Chastain allowed a modest amount of cleavage to be shown, as she marveled in her plunging neckline and smiled for the camera.

How does her glamour compare to that of old Hollywood?

Celebuzz sees a remarkable resemblance between Chastain's Vanity Fair shoot and the iconic American actress Katharine Hepburn.

The stunning A-lister has such a unique style that she has even been honored on Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List, alongside British Royalty Kate Middleton; Farewell, My Queen actress Diane Kruger; and No One singer Alicia Keys.

Chastain's amazing style truly became apparent during awards season as she graced the red carpet in bold fashion choices created by eccentric designers such as the late Alexander McQueen.

What do you think of Chastain's elegant beauty?



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  • Schatze

    Flapper style? Neither Jessica or Hepburn are wearing anything remotely related to the flapper style in these images..try two decades later love...not even going there with the Audrey/Katharine F''K up! Goggle is free...

  • tara

    wtf are you on about bro?? just because your discussing the whole Jessica and Katharine thing doesnt mean everyone has to join in with you, everyone has their own opinon. i don't know what your going on about with the Fil-A-Chik thing, gurl you lost yo' marbles or some sh*t. p.s Ed Helms is amazing for standing up to them mwa xx

  • Zayna

    mileyislife? Rachel, we're not that stupid. Trying to get the conversation away from the Katherine/Audrey thing. It's like the Chick-Fil-A PR guy pretending to be a girl on facebook defending CFA. Nice try though, at least you fixed your mistake.

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    I agree with mileyismylife, Jessica is gooooooooooorgeous omg. Did the author take the thing down? Hey, you live and you learn. But I saw the screenshot of it online, wow, I can't believe that was like... Allowed. Oh, well, shit happens.

  • Geoff

    wow is all i have to say

  • mileyismylife

    Jessica looks extremly beautiful, such a lovely shot.

  • baby

    agree with the done reading this stuff.

  • Diane

    How come no one has commented on the "flapper style"? Katherine Hepburn was famous for her androgynous, menswear-inspired looks, not for "flapper style". I think I'm done reading celebuzz articles, this was the tipping point for me. I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but at least Perez Hilton knows what he's talking about!

  • Izzy

    Really? This is beyond ridiculous! Do you even know who Katherine Hepburn is? WTF.

  • Adriana

    is everyone sure she isn't just trolling

  • cherrry


  • K

    I DID!! but yea its sad when the people giving us our media are stupid as aaaaaaanythin, even I knew that!!

  • Michael

    I feel kinda bad for rachel, she just probably assumed, people make (kinda stupid) mistakes all the time. i'm guessing everyone else saw this from that post on tumblr going around about it? it was just on my dash like 4 times in a minute

  • Michael

    Yep, belgium

  • Danielle

    From Belgium*

  • Danielle

    Worst part is Audrey isn't even American, right? I thought she was Belgium. Why am I asking you though, you wouldn't even know.

  • Anthony

    guys don't waste your breath, i'm sure they don't give a sh*t about comments on here. knowing them theyll just change the article and delete the comments

  • Madison

    I mean I'm sure you haven't even seen a Katherine Hepburn or an Audrey movie. I'm sorry but I am just ugh, appalled.

  • Taylor

    really though... everyone knows that! what are you, 12?

  • Jane

    i don't mean to be rude but... do you not do any research? i'm thrilled this is what journalism has come to, such intellect. katherine was not audrey's mother.

  • R

    "Katharine Hepburn, mother of Breakfast at Tiffany’s star Audrey Hepburn." AHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT???

  • Ashlee Hassett
    Ashlee Hassett

    "actress Katharine Hepburn, mother of Breakfast at Tiffany’s star Audrey Hepburn." Are you frickin' kidding me? This isn't even research, it's general knowledge! Oh my god!

  • Shannon

    I just died a little inside. Seriously Rachel Levy, it takes all of 5 minutes on imdb to learn that Kate and Audrey were NOT related.

  • Mark Kenneth Rioux Jr.
    Mark Kenneth Rioux Jr.