Miley Cyrus Tweets Naked Picture (PHOTO)

Miley: Nude or Rude?
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Miley Cyrus has sent her Twitter fans into a spin after tweeting a picture of two women with nothing on but body paint.

The picture does not show the women’s faces, which leads to speculation they were the 19-year-old singer and her friend Jen Novak.

When close friend Cheyne Thomas tagged the two friends in a post about the photograph some fans were convinced.

“Hahah omg,” Thomas tweeted.

So is Cyrus naked?

Cyrus isn’t saying much about what the picture means -- or who it features -- except for a cryptic quote.

The “Party in the U.S.A” singer’s friend Novak was quick to respond -- but not to clear up the rumors.

“After today...i have a whole new appreciation for this pic;)” Novak tweeted.

"Cause were breasttttt friends," Miley tweeted back.




Cyrus’ fans didn’t know what to think.

“WTF? LMAAAO,” a supporter who describes herself as one of Miley’s angels tweeted.

“Miley, the girl who is on the right, is that you?” another, with the Twitter handle Miley Beauty Queen, wrote.

Cyrus often tweets sexy pictures of herself but this pic -- if it is the singer -- flashes the most skin.




But the soon to be Mrs. Liam Hemsworth doesn’t just love to tweet suggestive photos -- the Last Song actress also likes to post snaps of ever growing dog family.

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  • sona

    Miley,you'r very sexy and beautiful.

  • Someone

    Miley, You are always cute,beautiful and pretty.

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell

    Are you all really that dumb? You can easily drag and drop the photo into google search and automatically see, the photo has been posted as early as 2010... so much for it being miley in 2012... if it was her, it'd then be illegal - since at the time she'd have only been 17.

  • Tony

    Miley, If by chance you're reading this(I know I would if it was about me) I think your absolutelly amazing. You are an absolute perfect example of..well PERFECTION. If you would ever enjoy some stimulating coversation, well look elsewhere, but if you want to talk to a cool person I'm right here!

  • lexi

    its not even miley

  • lola

    it's not Miley, gyus ;)) 1st of all she's skinnier. 2nd of all can't you see parts of the facesm it's not Miley's nose :))

  • yup

    bro it's not even her!it's called a painting that she likes, lol you guys will do anything for a story won't yous!!

  • Katie

    Also I believe it is a painting, not a photograph.

  • kimk94

    whats wrong with people any person with common sense could see that its an artwork. why is it that everything this girl does becomes breaking news.

  • Katie

    "Our love is our greatest art" Is a quote from her song "Forgiveness and Love" from her last album "Can't be Tamed". I do not think that it is her, I think she just found the photo inspiring and so she tweeted it with a quote from her song.

  • f miley
    f miley

    i thought she lost weight..