Olympics 2012: ’50 Shades of Grey’ Is the Australian Swim Team’s Sexy Secret Weapon

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Channing on '50 Shades'
Channing Tatum wants wife to play lead in the sexy film.
The women’s Australian swim team has been using a very special weapon to beat out the American girls in the 2012 Olympics — Fifty Shades of Grey.

The female swimmers revealed they have been reading the erotic novel to “relax.”

Australia’s Alicia Coutts — who just beat the USA’s Caitlin Leverenz to win silver in the 200m Individual Medley final — dished on Fifty Shade‘s power as a training aid on Tuesday.

What did she say?

“Most of the swimming girls are reading Fifty Shades of Grey,” 24-year-old Coutts said. “We’re all talking about it.”

Currently the highest female multiple medalist at the Games, the swimmer told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph she is so into the series she is already on book number two.

“My manager said just forget about the sex bits and it’s actually a really good story,” Coutts said. “I’ve found it really interesting. I can’t put it down.

“Normally when I race, I watch a series on my laptop, but I’ve just been so into this book that I haven’t even got my DVDs out.”

Another of Australia’s ladies also admitted to getting into the erotic series.

Stephanie Rice, 24 — who at one time was reportedly romantically linked to the USA’s Michael Phelps — got a head start on her reading, tweeting a picture of herself chilling out with the novel on July 15.

Phelps himself has found a way to relax during the London Games. The 27-year-old — who became the most decorated Olympian in history after winning gold in the men’s 4X200m relay on Tuesday — has been watching the gritty television series The Wire.

Fellow swimmer Ryan Lochte, meanwhile, has turned to playing cards against teammates to help him unwind.