Sofia Vergara’s Son Captures Her Engagement on Camera (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara’s son has confirmed his mom’s engagement to Nick Loeb after capturing the moment on camera.

In a video posted for his mockumentary YouTube series Mi Vida Con Toty, Manolo Gonzalez, 19, reveals how the proposal went down.

The Modern Family star’s teen son is talking about their amazing trip to the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza last month when he admits the historic trip turned into something a whole lot more.

So what happened at the peak of the pyramid?

“One of my mom’s dreams came true,” he says to the camera. “As a little girl, she always wanted to go to the top of the pyramids.”

He describes how people are normally banned from climbing them but she was given special permission to go up and it’s lucky she was.

“Once they were to the top of the pyramid, my mother’s longtime boyfriend, Nick, proposed to her,” confirmed Manolo, who videoed the happy couple walking back down the steps of the ruins hand in hand.

While she doesn’t shout the news to the roof tops one of the 107 members of her family and friends who were with her asks “let me see the ring”.

Vergara smiles and flashes the huge rock to the camera.

The footage continues showing the festivities for her 40th birthday party where a mariachi band plays and Vergara waves her ring finger at the camera.

Her rep is yet to comment on the upcoming nuptials.

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