‘Awkward’ Star Beau Mirchoff Talks Being Shirtless in Season 2’s Ads: ‘I’m a Piece of Meat Now’

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Here’s one way to announce your new season: Place your female star in between her two cute love interests – one of them shirtless. That was MTV’s way of getting some attention for the second season of its original comedy, Awkward.

Recent Teen Choice Award winner Beau Mirchoff, who literally took the shirt of his back for the campaign, says he had no idea that was the image the network was going to use.

“Actually, they didn’t [tell me],” Mirchoff, who plays noncommittal Matty on the series, tells Celebuzz, though he’s a good sport about it.

What else does Mirchoff have to say about being shirtless in the campaign?

“I’m okay with it. I’m fine with it,” the 23-year-old tells us. “If they want to market the show that way, go for it. I’m a piece of meat now, definitely on the show.”

That last part is pretty true. The campaign doesn’t stray too far from the storyline between Matty and Jenna going into this season. The seemingly incompatible couple has one thing in common: Sexual chemistry. But, is that enough to base a relationship on?

“Him being shirtless is sort of a trademark,” castmate Ashley Rickards — who plays the show’s main character and Matty’s object of affection, Jenna — tells us. “He is obviously incredibly good looking.

“But I hope that people notice how incredibly talented he is, because he is going to be a huge star,” she qualifies. “He’s amazing and I’m so proud of him. He’s worked so hard and he’s a really talented human being and also very good looking. We try to use that good looking-ness as much as possible!”

Mirchoff, whose next film, The Secret Lives of Dorks, has him playing an “over-the-top jock bully,” is currently working on a play with a small theatre (which is pretty much all he’s allowed to say about it for now).

And although he’s happy to appear shirtless for the critically acclaimed MTV series, which just got a supersized Season 3 renewal, Mirchoff points out that “there is one billboard in [New York City’s] Times Square and my shirt is on, buddy. My shirt is on.”

“People are very fashion-conscious in New York,” he reasons. “And they want to show what kind of clothes I’m wearing.”

Awkward airs Thursdays at 10:30 PM on MTV.

Do you mind Beau Mirchoff shirtless? We think we know the answer to that, but tell us anyway in the comments section below.

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