‘Dallas’ Recap: Judgment Day at Southfork

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There’s nothing like a health crisis and a sly fox to bring a family together on Wednesday’s episode of TNT’s Dallas.

Note: Spoilers if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s episode, “Family Business”

John Ross (Josh Henderson) was stunned when Elena (Jordana Brewster) clued him in on just how far his Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) was prepared to go to get him out of the mess JR (Larry Hagman) landed him in. The hotheaded Texan hunk couldn’t believe Bobby was actually about to drill on Southfork, breaking his deathbed promise to Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes)!

Later, the couple made the stunning discovery that they could access the oil beneath Southfork by drilling horizontally under the neighboring Henderson ranch. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) was enraged when he overheard John Ross and Elena relaying their findings to Bobby.

Chris was disgusted John Ross was still trying to get access to the oil underneath Southfork after he’d sacrificed a piece of his alternative energies project to the Venezuelans to save his cousin’s sorry hide!

Before the boys could tear apart Jock’s (Jim Davis) study, Bobby separated them, only to suffer an attack brought on by his cancer treatments. John Ross was floored to learn his uncle is dying of cancer and kept it secret for fear that JR would’ve used it against him in the battle for Southfork.

After spotting Bum (Kevin Page), John Ross demanded the shady private dick track down JR, because his brother is dying. Bobby’s doctor informed the Ewings if he didn’t remain stress-free, he would likely die of a brain aneurysm.

Chris and Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) shared a close moment after getting the first sonogram picture of the twins she’s carrying. Rebecca experienced a moment of hope when Christopher told her they may have a ways to go to get past what she tried to pull, but he’s committed to her and their unborn children.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, an antsy Tommy (Callard Harris) was waiting for her back at their place — despite Mrs. Christopher Ewing having changed the locks. Tommy again demanded access to Christopher’s methane extraction project or else he planned to “put a bullet” in Rebecca’s happy little fantasy family.

Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) called in his marker to Sue Ellen (Linda Gray). He informed the politico he knew all about how she tried to bribe the medical examiner. Harris demanded she use her gubernatorial campaign PAC to launder dirty money or else he’d explode Sue Ellen’s chances of running for the state’s top office. Will Sue Ellen best Harris at his own game?

JR made his not-so-triumphant return to Southfork only to find Ann (Brenda Strong) threatening to finish what Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby) started if he came anywhere near her husband. John Ross wasn’t much happier to see his old man.

JR’s boy told him about discovering a way to get the oil beneath Section 18, without actually drilling on Southfork. Therefore they could pay back the Venezuelans and Christopher wouldn’t have to cut the ruthless investors in on his project. The catch was JR had to sign Southfork back over to Bobby. JR balked, claiming his son was being emotional instead of thinking like a businessman. John Ross countered that he was sick of hearing about JR’s birthright, and instead wanted to be decent for a change.

When Sue Ellen saw her son storming out of the main house, bags in hand, because JR had given him the boot, she made haste to confront her ex. Before JR could get a good dig in about the third Mrs. Bobby Ewing aka Ann, Sue Ellen slapped him across his weathered face.

JR’s former wife reminded him the reason he became so depressed he had to be committed 20 years earlier was because he’d put his pursuit of money and power above everything and ended up with nothing. JR popped off that he was back on top, to which Sue Ellen coldly stated he still had nothing.

In a rare moment of growth, JR decided to do the right thing and signed the deed to Southfork back over to Bobby, but not before quipping that if his little brother died, he’d be taking the ranch back! JR’s attack of conscience may have come too late as Bobby’s investigators were thisclose to finding dirt connecting the devilish elder Ewing to Faux Marta/Veronica (Leonor Valera). Before Bobby had a chance to think on whether or not he wanted to send his big brother to prison, he suffered another seizure.

Meanwhile over at Rebecca’s, a violent Tommy was furious his ex-partner-in-crime hadn’t come through by stealing Christopher’s keycard. Rebecca backing out of the plan had cost Tommy the fortune Cliff Barnes’ (Ken Kerchival) henchman offered him for Chris’ methane extraction project.

After a shocking beating, Rebecca fought Tommy off and struggled across the room to grab the gun she’d retrieved from her safe deposit box earlier in the episode. After one final scuffle, the gun went off between the two grifters. Who was shot?

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Tommy’s business partner is Frank… Cliff’s driver and right hand man.

Thank you, TV gods: Rebecca finally taking charge of her situation with Tommy.

Awk-ward: Elena walking in on Christopher getting a rub down by Rebecca.

Hotness: John Ross shirtless in Elena’s bed. What a way to wake up in the morning!

Fab-u-lous: John Ross washing his hands of JR.

Can. Not. Wait: How wilI Christopher and John Ross’ truce affect their relationship while they work side by side with Elena?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 10.

Will Rebecca and her babies pull through or will Tommy finally get what he deserves? Is Bobby going to make it? Tell us what you think in the section below.

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