'Holes' star Khleo Thomas Debuts New Music Video (EXCLUSIVE)

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'Holes' star Khleo Thomas is all grown up and Celebuzz has the exclusive video to debut his new music!

Ever since Thomas played the young "Zero" alongside Shia Labeouf in Disney's movie Holes, he has developed quite the fan base--  known as "Team Khleo."

Since then, he's been dominating the music and Twitter world and now has a new music video for his song, 'So Many Girls.'

Watch the exclusive video and join Team Khleo!

His new single, "So Many Girls" is being featured on BET's '106 and Park' today for fans to vote for their favorite music video. So after watching the video above, be sure to cast your vote!

Thomas, 23, is not new to the music scene. He has performed alongside some of music's biggest names like Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

Thomas released a mixtape, "The World is a Cartoon," in 2010 that had almost 200,000 downloads after the first month of release.

In 2011, "Team Khleo" made him a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. His YouTube videos have even reached 3 million views thanks to his fan base.

Watch the video above, join Team Khleo -- and then go over to BET's '106 and Park' website to vote!

Be sure to leave a comment below about what you think of this 'Holes' star's grown up image!



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  • Erica C.
    Erica C.

    khleo thomas is my favorite rapper! addicted to the so many girls track. #slickliving #slickliving

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard

    i been rocking with Khleo thomas sense the Next Episode Mixtape i really like his music and how he stays so humble i hope his video is on the countdown i would be so happy #Slickliving

  • Alice Franklin
    Alice Franklin

    Love this video its amazing proud of u khleo #slickliving #TheSociety #Thousandms

  • Olivia

    Khleo is growing as a person and an artist.There is plenty more to come

  • Natalie K
    Natalie K

    Love this songgggggggg. Been on replay since it came out. Khleo's on his way to the top and can't nobody stop him!! Been a fan since the beginning and am #TeamKhleo cos he's one of the few artists that still take the time to communicate directly with fans. xxx

  • Francesca

    Khleo is making moves ya'll, get ready!! #SlickLiving

  • Kristine

    This & Fly Me Out to Cali have to be my faves. #SlickLiving Loveeeee it :)

  • Shaela Griffin
    Shaela Griffin

    The time and hard work and just commitment Khleo Thomas has put into his career just shows 100% in this video and to know this is only a piece of his amazing creativity and dedication to his craft just so happy and proud

  • Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor

    Love the concept of the video and how it ties in with the song. I've recently discovered Khleo Thomas and have been riding with his music ever since.

  • Lyric Lewis
    Lyric Lewis

    This Video Is OutStanding !!! Go Khleo !! Your Going To The Top !

  • Somintaaa

    This Is The Best Song Of The Summer !! Khleo Is Making It Big !! #TeamKhleo #SlickLiving !!!! <3

  • Precious Lyn
    Precious Lyn

    love this song, and I love how dedicated Khleo is, its amazing . From "Hyphy Luv" to "So many girls". He's grown so much. #TeamKhleoForLife

  • Nielle

    he definitely making his mark in Hip Hop it only the beginning so talented

  • Hannah P.
    Hannah P.

    Khleo you are truly a great artist! You have goals you set for yourself and you weren't gonna stop until you reached them! I know people probably tried to put you down and say you couldn't do it! But they're obviously wrong! Keep up the good work! #Slick

  • KaseKase

    Been rockin with Khleo since Holes to see him accomplish this is amazing ! S/O to #TeamKhleo and remember to vote on 106 and Park !

  • Kailyn Brooks
    Kailyn Brooks

    This song is sooo catchy ! It's been great following Kle when he first began to now. he's grown so much! It's crazy to see him on 106&park, i mean, it's about time people got hip to him !

  • Danielle

    #TeamKhleo taking the world by storm!

  • Alicia Espinoza
    Alicia Espinoza

    Slick Living movement! So Many Girls is just the beginning! Team Khleo all the way. ♡

  • Petra

    This video is soo great.. i can't wait to see more and I'm happy so see him go far... fun video too.. i wish i was in it.. lol but im proud of him and will be a big supporter

  • Mackenzie Coburn
    Mackenzie Coburn

    :D AMAZING VIDEO :) Got to love Khleo :)! Slick Living.

  • Tawana Irving
    Tawana Irving

    Those of us who've been rockin with you since the beginning knew it was coming! We just didn't know it would be this soon! Such an inspiring artist; actor, rapper, songwriter, producer, overall entertainer! Thanks for being humble enough to take us all along for the ride; this lifestlye we've claimed #SlickLiving. This is only the prelude. xo

  • Lishelle

    Hes definitely making his mark in Hip Hop! With such great talent and an amazing fan base.I see big things in his future.mark my words.Keep it up Khlee!


    Khleo Thomas is one of those few rap artists whose songs tell a story. In his lyrics, there is inspiration, there is truth, there is honesty. He's an artist who interacts to his fans. He has an outstanding personality full of positivity. And you can't help but support/follow him, he's amazing. Most people think he's now getting on the scene, little do they know he BEEN doing this, they just haven't been listening. And if you've been riding with Khleo on this journey, you would know how much he has progressed, in every angle. This is only the beginning, Kle's just getting started. #TeamKhleo

  • Stephanie Fernandez
    Stephanie Fernandez

    Khleo Thomas is a true talent with a true fan base. #TeamKhleo

  • Nataki Iyanna Robinson
    Nataki Iyanna Robinson

    Khleos been doing his thing sense "The Words A Cartoon"; its good to see that his hard work,determination,and talents paid off. Congratulations Kle!!! #SlickLivin

  • SaraVaughny Amora
    SaraVaughny Amora

    1st off, Ya gotta love Khleo. It's inevitable. He possesses charm, dedication, and sheer talent. I ADORE this video. So Many Girls is destined to be a mega-hit. Thee mega-hit of the year! All his hard work is beginning to pay off, and the world will soon be rocking to the beat of his drum! #TeamKhleo4Life #SlickLiving

  • KrazyForKhleo

    I don't know any words that can describe how talented Khleo Thomas is. He is a walking talking mastermind when it comes to music. He's not like other rappers nowadays. His music is always uplifting, has postitive messages and most of all he reaches out to us and treats us like family. The amount of love and support #TeamKhleo and I have for him is so ridiculous but it's okay because he loves us the same way :)

  • Janel

    I've been riding with Khleo for years. I support everything he does. He has my fullest support always and forever. Support him. Watch his video. Get down with Slick Living and#TheSociety.

  • Jamya

    Khleo Thomas never ceases to amaze me. I've been a fan since Holes and never stopped supporting him. From The World Is A Cartoon to #SlickLiving to his newest music video. #TeamKhleo is right on his side. I love you Khleo! <3

  • Rachael

    i LOVE this video sooo much my new jaaam!!!!

  • Alice Franklin
    Alice Franklin

    Love it this video is amazing beginning cracks me up

  • Victoria Wolk
    Victoria Wolk

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video the beginning is hilarious "You know i dont speak that!" lmao love it <3

  • ashaaaa

    LOVED the vid! #slick!! #Teamkhleo!

  • Jonta' Davis
    Jonta' Davis

    Loved the whole video!!! Forced my sister to watch and she loved as well!!

  • Shanea Shaylove Baker
    Shanea Shaylove Baker

    I love the video of course. Im so proud of Khleo and he has accomplished so much these past two years. Im so happy to have been apart of Team Khleo and being there from the beginning. He has works so hard. World get ready because Team Khleo and The Society is taking over :) It is his time to shine :)

  • KhleoIsDope

    The video is hilarious. I love it!

  • D.j. Love Jr.
    D.j. Love Jr.


  • Kimi Wilhite
    Kimi Wilhite

    #teamkhleo!!! this video rocks!!:)

  • Vanessa Holmquist
    Vanessa Holmquist

    Awsome video by Kleo well done

  • Tyra Showers
    Tyra Showers

    I love the whole video, but the beginning cracks me up every time. "You know I don't speak that." Lol!!

  • Antoinette

    So proud of Khleo...he def made it where he needs to be...so glad to be part of this journey with him...SoManyGirls is just to beginning TeamKhleo is takin over :)

  • Jocelyn Janae Barnhill
    Jocelyn Janae Barnhill

    I've been riding with Khleo since the very beginning and watched him make moves from seeing his movies to when I followed him on Twitter two years ago when he put out his first mixtape "The World Is A Cartoon" & sophomore mixtape "The Next Episode, to watching him firsthand perform in LA at Summer Explosion last year. I am deeply proud of this man because he has occasionally admitted to his love for working and doing what he loves, and he stayed true to that. To see this video premiere on 106&Park last night was a HUGE success. He has accomplished a whole lot aknow it in my heart that this video will make it to number 1 on the countdown. Everyone keep voting for him.

  • igokrazy4kle

    At first i remember seeing him so small in holes and now that he's grown....WOW. 0.0

  • Kiara Hewlett
    Kiara Hewlett

    Being With Khleo From The Beginning & Seeing How Far He Has Come Makes Me So Proud Of Him.... I Love This Video & Can't Wait For It To Be On The Countdown On 106&park....

  • Bridget Thiessen
    Bridget Thiessen

    I've been supporting Khleo for years and it's so amazing to see how far he's come. I'm so happy and proud that this video is out. Big things are coming. =] Khleo always has something incredible up his sleeve. I'll always be a huge fan of Kle's. <3 #TeamKhleo -Bridget (@l3ridget / @KhleosGirls)

  • Neal

    Reminds me of project x! Dope video

  • Justine Cooper
    Justine Cooper

    I am soooo Proud of Khleo and his accomplishments thus far!! And I am soooo Excited for everyone else to see and hear what he's capable of.. Ahh It's only the beginning!! #SlickLiving #TeamKhleo #TheSociety

  • Melanie Solone
    Melanie Solone

    man this video is sooo good i am so proud of him he worked so hard for this!!! #thesociety #teamkhleo

  • Yanina Oyarzo
    Yanina Oyarzo

    Love this video! Not your usual "rapper" video. Makes him interesting and reminds us about his great acting skills as well :) I wish I was partying with him <3

  • Ashna

    LOVE this tunee! the video is so creative. Kle looking finer by the day! proud to say i've been a fan since day. #TeamKhleo

  • Lachelle Johnson
    Lachelle Johnson

    This video is just a sample of Khleo's greatness!

  • Amelia

    Love it this video is amazing #teamKhleo #Slick

  • Lex Borrero
    Lex Borrero

    So Many Girls! the first of many classic videos from Khleo

  • Rebecca

    Khleo music is what I listenin non stop and I love the work that was done for his new music video "So Many Girls. Khleo Thomam has made it to the top.

  • Kiki Lea
    Kiki Lea

    Love the song, and the video is great!!! Im just glad to be apart of this journey!!! #TeamKhleo4Life

  • Ashley Monique Garcia
    Ashley Monique Garcia

    I loved the video don't get me wrong, its just that I'm starting to see the whole famous, popular black man with a white girl trend. I didn't see not one black girl in the entire video, that's what I didn't like but other than that, it was dope & I'm voting for it to be on 106 & Park's countdown. text KHL to 79922 if you haven't already

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B

    Khleo thomas is an amazing person and he worked hard to get to wheres today. I am so happy for him and I am extremely proud of him and to be apart of TeamKhleo. I love him, his music and I really love the "So Many Girls" video it was incredible I know he had a lot of fun making it. Khleo has inspired alot of people I know he has inspired to in so may ways, and I know 1 thing for sure ill never give up on him because he never gives up on his fans and I will always and forever continue to support him.

  • Tyrone Davis
    Tyrone Davis

    The Video for So Many Girls was Slick and really creative and I like it. #SlickLiving

  • Shanice Williams
    Shanice Williams

    You already know I loved the video Kle. <3 #TeamKhleo and Kle, We takin' over!! :)

  • Erika Laney
    Erika Laney

    Love This song.. OUTSTANDING VIDEO!!! ! Slick Living Movement !! Keep it Up! #TheTakeOver :D

  • DrivenDesire_

    I loved Khleo's So Many Girls video!! I'm proud to say I'm STILL TeamKhleo & will always be :) I love you Kle <3

  • Chelsea

    This video was SLICK!!!! he has grown from a great actor to a triple threat with the music, the acting, and the clothes he is one to watch. And on top of all that he is a great person in general. Only a few of his kind.

  • Nycole

    Great video! #SlickLiving Khleo is seriously a good rapper. That's cool how you go from acting to rapping. You're truly making your dreams come true! #Salute