Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Jessica Parker: Hottest Sightings of the Day (PHOTOS)

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Eva on Ryan
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It was a day of heavy lifting in Hollywood!

Taking some time off from her daily grind on set, Lindsay Lohan lugged her high-fashion tote during a shopping outing in Beverly Hills, Calif. The actress is currently shooting The Canyons, an upcoming indie in which she stars alongside porn star James Dean.

Spending time away from hunky beau Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes also indulged in some Los Angeles retail therapy, juggling a shopping bag and her cell as she stepped out solo.

What other celebrities were carrying a heft load?

A dressed-down Khloe Kardashian cradled her laptop as she exited the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood.

And out on the east coast, mom-of-three Sarah Jessica Parker managed several bags as she left her West Village brownstone in New York City.

Back on the Gossip Girl set, Penn Badgley clutched his guitar case as he strolled through the streets of the concrete jungle.

Celebuzz has rounded up all these star-studded moments and many more in today's Celeb Snaps.

What's your favorite shot of the day? Weigh in below.

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  • Park

    With both of my pregnancies, I had about 3 feinrds have babies around the same time. My first was a few months behind a couple of them. And then my second was born 4 days before one of my friend's and then 10 days before another. We didn't plan it, it just worked out that way. A couple of my feinrds had been trying for a year to 5 years to get pregnant and it just so happened that my girls have a bunch of little buddies to play with. I love it!

  • Sandi

    Sorry, just could not resist laughing at all the sweeties shown with these poor little babies! Wonder which are the ladies in the crowd, they all look the part so can't tell who are girls and who are boys.

  • mileyismylife

    she is way too pretty for her own good!

  • Aaron Coleburne Saltzer
  • Aaron Coleburne Saltzer
  • Aaron Coleburne Saltzer
    Aaron Coleburne Saltzer

    O, I'll say this again. Yes, Lindsay Lohan did appear nude in Playboy, but she also had objects covering some of er body. The same in other photo shoots she's done.