Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Which Famous Face Is Most Requested by Patients? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Braided Beyonce & Blue
Beyonce debuts new braided hair while out with baby Blue.
Ever wanted a famous face? Apparently, a lot of people do.

According to a survey of top plastic surgeons, many patients go under the knife hoping to come out looking like some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Whether it’s Anne Hathaway’s eyes or Beyonce’scheekbones, requests are constantly being put in for a celebrity-esque nip and tuck.

But just which celebs have the most requests?

Celebuzz has partnered with infographicworld.com to illustrate the public’s most popular body desires, and this brand-new infographic breaks it all down, bit by bit, piece by piece, body part by body part.

Plastic Surgery Infographic

Bet you didn’t know that guys covet both Orlando Bloom‘s skin — and women want Beyonce‘s cheekbones.

Give the infographic a close look and tell us: If you had to swap with a famous face, whose would you choose?

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