‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville Fires Back at Bathroom Sex Reports

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As her castmates roil with personal changes this summer, one of Bravo’s TheReal Housewives of Beverly Hills is staying more casual, showing off her gams on the runway Wednesday night in Pasadena, Calif.

Brandi Glanvlle showed off her model walk, to toast the opening of L.A. designer Nicole Winnaman‘s Nikki West — her first return to modeling in years — even if she did have some pre-show jitters and an ear infection.

“I’m excited and a little nervous, but I will do my best,” Glanville told Celebuzz Wednesday night, before the show. “I’m on antibiotics and sick. I have ear infection drops that were like $266 — which is like, I mean …”

What did Brandi say about the Bev Hills Housewives?

With Adrienne Maloofsplitting from her husband, Paul Nassif, this week — and costar Lisa Vanderpumprenewing her vows on Monday — there are has been lots of excitement in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills world recently.

When asked about her castmates’ recent real life drama, Glanville stonewalled the question.

“You know I’m not going to talk about all that tonight, because I’m trying to make it all about the clothes tonight,” Glanville said. “I’m trying to keep it light. We’re not going deep and dark and heavy.”

Fellow Housewives stars Vanderpump and reported new castmember  Yolanda Hadid were scheduled to attend Wednesday night, but could not make it. Vanderpump was filming her new Bravo reality show SUR — at, where else — her West Hollywood restaurant, Sur. Hadid bolted L.A. for a trip to southern France.

“Most of the women are very, very supportive,” Glanville said. “As far as that competitive thing with women about business, I love all my girlfriends. I want them to succeed. If they were to do a fashion line, I’d be the first to come out and support them, saying ‘I love this dress line.’”

In an apparent effort to change the subject, Glanville said she could confirm one detail about Beverly Hills Housewives drama — and was happy to talk about it: During costar Kyle Richards‘ annual White Party, which was taped for the Bravo TV show, Glanville said she was not having sex in the bathroom.

Glanville had been reported by RadarOnline.com Monday to have been caught having sex in the bathroom at the Housewives swanky soiree.

“There was a kiss, for sure, but there was no S-E-X,” Glanville said, with a laugh. “Sadly, I mean, hopefully, at some point, but that night, no. It was really over-exaggerated, and people made a big deal out of it and I was like, no.”

“It’s like, ‘Brandi was in the bathroom having sex,’ then it gets bigger and bigger and worse and worse as it goes through the party. It started out innocent enough,” Glanville says, comparing the story to an adult version of the children’s whispering game, Telephone.

Glanville explains, “Me and Lisa were by the bathroom with a cute man. Then, it ended up with a quick kiss. Lisa was like ‘You can’t do that.’ I was like, ‘Haha — really?’ Then, cut to people saying there was moaning and groaning in the bathroom, and there was sex and that did not happen. I mean, she [Lisa] was right there. The cameras were down. No one saw it except for her and she knows it didn’t happen.”

Do you believe Brandi’s version of events? Are you going to be watching the new season of  RHOBH when it premieres this fall?