‘Total Recall’ Premiere: Colin Farrell Jokes How He Modeled ‘Pecs and Inner Thighs’ After Original Star Arnold Schwarzenneger (VIDEO)

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Colin Farrell brought his A-game to Columbia Pictures Total Recall premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night where Celebuzz was on the scene to talk to the film’s stars.

Stepping into the role originated by former CA governer Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrell portrays Doug Quaid in the 2012 remake of the original 1990 flick.

The 36 year-old Irish actor chatted about filling Schwarzengger’s big shoes — er — chest.

When asked about similarities to the actor’s original portrayal, Farrell said: “Oh, you know, just my pecs.  Just my pecs and inner thigh….I stop there. I got in as good enough shape as I could for four months before we started shooting.”

What else did Farrell reveal about the film?

Donning a fitted suit as he made his rounds down the red carpet, it was hard to imagine his buff body underneath all the layers, but Celebuzz will definitely take his word for it.

From muscles to masculinity — known for his tough guy routines in blockbusters such as Phone Booth and Horrible Bosses — the next question to be thrown at the Hollywood heartthrob was what makes him cry.

To which Farrell immediately started a fake bawl and followed with, “Oh, sorry, questions like that.  No not at all … A lot of things can get to me,” as he jokingly raised his eyebrows.

Keeping his manhood in tact, Farrell wouldn’t budge with sentimental chat, saying, “I can’t tell you.  Then I would have to kill you, in front of all these people,” seeming amused at the questions posed.

The action thriller reboot Total Recall centers around Doug Quaid/Hauser (Farrell), who discovers he may be a spy after paying a visit to Rekall, a company that replaces unwanted memories with faux desired memories.  However, the procedure goes awry, transforming Quaid’s life into chaos.

Total Recall opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, August 2, 2012.

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