Can Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson's Relationship Survive the Cheating Scandal? Experts Weigh In (ANALYSIS)

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KStew Cheating Scandal
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Robert Pattinson is nursing a broken heart after girlfriend of three years Kristen Stewart admitted to an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Following Stewart's heartfelt public apology, Pattinson packed up and moved out of the $6 million Los Feliz, Calif., home the Twilight couple shared. As the controversial scandal played out in the media, Pattinson sought privacy by retreating to his Water for Elephant costar Reese Witherspoon's seven-acre Ojai ranch.

Meanwhile, Stewart holed up in her parents' six-bedroom home in Woodland Hills. Her parents, John Stewart Jules Mann-Stewart, "feel Kristen has really embarrassed herself and don't blame Rob for not calling her back," a source told Us Weekly. "This is not the Kristen they know."

After disregarding Stewart's teary texts and contrite calls since news of the affair broke, Pattinson finally reopened the doors of communication with his cheating girlfriend.

Now that the embattled couple are on speaking terms, can then begin to mend their marred relationship?

"If Kristen and Rob are talking, this could be a step on the road to repair," Wendy Walsh, an expert for, told Celebuzz.

But infidelity is never easy to overcome, especially because such transgressions are often a sign of deeper troubles in the relationship.

"Sometimes an affair can be a giant wake-up call that signals a relationship is in crisis," explains Walsh. "Remember, an affair is usually a symptom of a bigger problem."

But the young couple can rebuild what Stewart's cheating has broken — though it's anything but easy. "I must warn them, this will be a prickly path," Walsh said. "Repair involves expressing tender feelings of shame and guilt and working to understand what went wrong in the relationship. And ultimately, forgiveness is key."

Should Stewart and Pattinson try to mend their romance, they will have their work cut out for them, says relationship expert April Beyer. "I would advise them not to live together...and not to expect trust right away. She will need to be patient with him during this process and go out of her way to make him feel safe and comfortable with her again. They should start courting and dating again. Start fresh and rebuild."

But in order to do that, Stewart and Pattinson have to be on the same page. "Both people in the relationship must be fully committed to repairing the relationship," said Dr. Patty Ann. "In order for the repair and healing to take place, trust must be re-built"

And in the end it boils down to forgiveness. "Kristen and Robert can move forward if they are both willing to forgive each other," said Dr. Patty Ann. "Kristen must build trust and Robert must have this verified. After this has been done over time, the couple must...truly let the affair go and move on. Rebuilding trust takes time and sometimes painful questions are asked and must be answered, by both partners."

Making amends may even require some admission of guilt from Pattinson. "It is necessary for a couple who has experienced cheating, that both partners in the relationship acknowledge some role, however minor that role might be, in the affair," adds DDr. Patty Ann. "After the initial shock and hurt of the infidelity wears off, the victim can usually recognize that things were not right in the relationship and that they may have denied or avoided issues that may have contributed to the affair."

But if broken-hearted Pattinson can't see past this Stewart's indiscretion, Robsten's future seems dim. "There is always hope when two people actually want to work things out, but it does take two," explains Beyer. "You have to want to forgive and the relationship must be more important that damaged feelings."

But, if that's not the case, "it still never hurts to have a conversation," said Beyer. "They'll both need some closure and discussion. It never serves anyone to simply disappear with hurt feelings."

Do you think Robsten can make it work? State your case in the comments, below.

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Default avatar
  • Dan

    Plz forgive her,i love you guys,together..

  • Mariela Carino
    Mariela Carino

    i think kristen finally realized what she had and if she really loves rob and wants to do things right...why not start over. yes it was wrong what she did to rob but people shouldnt be so hard on her. i hope they get back together.

  • Angela Lewis
    Angela Lewis

    I hope the both of them really try to work things in time. The love they had should not be thrown away lightly and it is very important that both of them talk and talk with someone who will help them, not someone they both know. I think Rob is too proud and as always enjoyed partying with his friends and that kristen although young has been in this industry for a long time and has matured and become settled and use to this environment. Big mistakes happen in life but we need to overcome the mistakes and prove that we have grown stronger,wiser and a better person for dealing with them. Not being proud and trying to avoid them and therefore making even bigger mistakes and problems which will affect other peoples lives. I have never spoken before but feel so concerned about these 2 young people and I hope for a happy and better future for them both. Don't give up on love the both of you because one day you will become old and regret what you once had.

  • Live and Learn
    Live and Learn

    I learned the hard way that once a cheater always a cheater. I forgave someone I had been with for 3 years and expected to marry. It didn't take long after the first time he cheated until he did it again. 20 years later I still know him and his wife and many of their friends...guess what??? He cheats on his wife all of the time and it's no secret. He also has 2 beautiful girls. How sad. I just hope that if Rob forgives her that he keeps his eyes open and has friends close enough to him that will tell him if she is cheating again....especially so he doesn't hear it from the media first.

  • Isabella Kuklin
    Isabella Kuklin

    I he really love her he should forgive her.... How about her"real" love?

  • trish22

    Their relationship was so good that she went out and cheated on him. He deserves a wonderful life. She deserves everything she's getting now and then some.

  • gff1

    Rob and Kristen love each other. They can certainly make this relationship work and be much improved by this whole mess! They need to start talking to each other and not paying any attention to other people's comments. We all need to stop reading all of these articles and comments, many of which are absolutely false; they just upset everyone. K and R's really talking is critical so that the words in their heads are only those of each other. They have had a good relationship for a while now. Let's let them get back to it and begin to heal! They deserve a wonderful life together!

  • Anonymous

    Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Rupert Sanders' baby?

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson

    i love the words and second it. i believe over time if they really love each other and willing to work on their relationship they can get past this too- starting with communicating with each other, forgiveness, love - willing to move on to get better.

  • Candel

    Is that ..

  • Angel

    How to trust again in those who betrayed him like that? Can not. I think Rob has a wonderful education, based on respect and trust and an example of a wedding at home, he has to stay with a person who did this to him, they respected her so much.

  • Anne

    Simply can not trust again.

  • Anne

    most certain!!!

  • Guest

    Spoken like someone who has never been cheated on.

  • anais

    I'm not sure that robert really loves her.

  • Guene

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Yes I hope they get back together again, if they love each other they can make it, if they really love each other they will make it work, love never Fails..............................

  • Vic

    Huh. I don't see anyone making her out to be a victim here, mostly just wishing them the best. I had to re-read to see what you see. Nope, don't see that.

  • tami

    I completely agree with kyle. To kick her out of her home and then refuse her calls and hide is way too rough. If he truly loves her he should want to be with her and talk it out so they can get past this and move on. They are beautiful together and their love shows when they look at each other. She made a mistake. Be mature enough to forgive and don't give up a lifetime together because of a mistake. RP, you are not the first person in the world who has been hurt by your lover. It does not have to be the end of your love. True love should survive this!

  • karamelkisses

    I am amazed how everyone is now making Kristen out to be the victim in this. Yes, sometimes infidelity in a relationship can be a sign of a deeper issue. However w/ this girl, it's just what she does ... do remember she cheated on her last boyfriend (Michael) around the 3 1/2 - 4 year mark in their relationship. For Rob, I agree that he needs to talk to her & forgive but then move on to someone else (maybe Emilie De Ravin, Elizabeth Olsen) that is closer to his age. Just do what Justin Timberlake did, write a couple of songs about it, date countless beautiful women before settling down w/ one. Kristen is young & she always seems so angry (making millions doing what she loves) which I don't understand & he seems so alive & present. Like every "scandal", time passing will lessen the spotlight however some people will always liken her a cheater or a homewrecker ... best of luck to them both!

  • Vic

    These two people are probably wonderful folks, but, if they, her, whatever, need to go outside of the relationship, then something is missing inside of the relationship. Maybe it's too much time apart, maybe it's something in the bedroom. Whatever, she was enough for RP, but he wasnt enough for her. I can't speak for him of course, but if it was me, I'd always feel like I'm not enough.

  • M2m

    .i believe if they are meant to be for each then true love will find the way to bind that case i believe that they are really a "soul mate"! I hope rob has forgiveness in his heart, and for kristen she'll not give up trying to save their relationship.

  • M2m

    Yeah, it wasn't easy for rob to instanly talk to kristen and then saying "ok we'll work this out", rob needs time to think if he can forgive the person whoe betrayed him. If he felt true love for kristen and willing to give her a second and then kristen is remorseful of what she did,i think they can save their relationship.i believe if they are meant to be for each then true love will find the way to bind that case i believe that they are really a "soul mate"! I hope rob has forgiveness in his heart, and for kristen she'll not give up trying to save their relationship.

  • beckaa

    they're strong, they'll work it out :) such a gorgeous couple they are, and they definately will work past this.

  • trish22

    Forgiveness on both sides? I didn't see him making out with another person in a car. I can see that people are starting to make her out to be some sort of victim in this. Please. Nobody forced her to pick him up in her car, drive around with him for hours, and make out in quite a few locations. Of course she is trying to make it seem like it was a one time thing because she was only caught this one time. Who knows how many times she wasn't caught. Now if more evidence of another tryst comes out, it will be like " Oh, it was just this one other time and that was it". She's only confessing to the public for the one time she got caught. I'm guessing Rob probably made her tell him everything, and that's why he left. He knows a lot more than we do. And it's probably a lot worse than we think. I don't see how he could ever trust her again. If you guys were true fans of his, how could you wish someone on him who treated him so badly?

  • Lize

    No use, once lost trust it will be like a broken crystal, will never be the same. Therefore, they can back up (which would be bad for the image of Rob), but lasted a short time. I say several cases have already seen, the shadow of betrayal is present in every person that has contact and Kristen can not live this way.

  • kiki

    hmm, guess it will depend if kristen was actually sorry, and if she wasn't ln saying through her teeth when she said she loved rob. the new rumor is that she set this up to get away from twilight.

  • kiki

    lol, i love it when some go rob needs to man up. i just hope one day someone does to you, what she did to him. let's see how much of a "man" you will be then.

  • sejustz

    I just stumbled upon this site looking up a music matter. However, I must say, it's amazing to me that folks are so invested in a relationship they know absolutely nothing about. After researching these are two young people who have made an effort to maintain a private life, I have to shake my head at the outrage people feel about these 2 people who they know only as small snipets and in films. We know nothing about them, personally or the circumstances, nor should we. Sadly, they are in the public eye, so any indestructiongoes global; yet, folks clamp on to idle conjunture. These two are young and clearly feel deeply. As you would not want YOUR dirty laundry aired, perhaps have that respect for them. They are actors and people, and as far as we are concerned as public entity, we ought to focus on their craft, not their personal life. And, as anyone who is going through a rough patch, I wish them comfort. The rest of us-and this is my one and only comment on celebuzz as I decided to way in one time only- might do better to focus on our own relationships...? Because that is actually REALITY.

  • lovi

    Kristen is a great person too and deserves happiness and success like Robert. A mistake don't jeopardize all your life.

  • lovi

    Like it or not ,you shouldn’t deny the fact that sometime a 'betrayal' has nothing to do with love. Like or not ,a hundred or more couple cheating to each other.You can hate that fact But you shouldn’t deny . I believe she is in love with Pattinson and she was vulnerable and fully exposed to Sanders's ascendancy . she is 22 y/o for god sake. maybe Pattinson one day will understand that ,maybe with another woman or maybe now . just a matter of time . true love don't exist without forgiveness . had he never truly loved her? Plus if pattinson were a woman... would be much simpler.

  • posh

    hope they are talking to each other !

  • Vic

    I'm sure they're both great people. If it were me, I would be able to forgive, but I don't think I would ever get out of my head that someone else had their mouth and or other body parts on, around or in my lover, and that my lover welcomed it. Ugh.

  • Jonny

    you love that person? Then you have to give him a second chance. You can not throw away 3 years happy. talk talk talk talk

  • Ady

    No that's not stupid and selfish. Everybody has their own way of dealing with heartbreak.Imo it was a smart decision to move away from Kristen and media.This gave him an opportunity to deal with his feelings on his own terms without being hounded by media and have yelling matches with Kristen.He is DEF smarter than Kristen.Idk if he will forgive her or not but still I'm Team Whatever Makes Rob Genuinely Happy because he is a great guy and deserves happiness and success

  • E

    I hope someone is giving them this advise. It's truly the way to go.

  • amour

    I hope both Rob and Kristen talk all of this out and do what this Doctor is saying to mend this broken relationship. They both need to open up about what went wrong. I have never witnessed a couple so into each other and so in love than the four years I've followed them. I believe in time they can mend the problems and be Happy together again--but work and honesty from each of them. Kristen needs to show her feelings also and then the relationship can evolve.. I hope they start this healing soon. xo

  • kyle

    I agree, to run away and simply disappear with hurt feelings is stupid and selfish. Rob needs to be a man, to talk with her and to make a decision soon.