Is Chris Brown Addressing Rihanna Rumors and Channeling Iconic Band Nirvana on New Track? (VIDEO)

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Chris Brown has revealed details of his next single, as well as given fans a sneak peak of another new song he was working on in the recording studio.

Brown, 23, released a video of himself rocking out to a track called "We On."

Upon listening, some of the Celebuzz team instantly recognized similarities between Brown's track featuring Tyga and Nirvana's grunge classic, “Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Listen to Brown’s new track after the break and tell us what you think?

Brown posted the track late Thursday night on his WhoSay page.

Chris Brown on WhoSay

The track presumably samples part of the '90's classic featuring the late Kurt Cobain classic lyrics “Hello, hello, hello, how low”.

While "We Do" has already had hundreds of likes on his page, it will not be Brown’s next single.

Instead the singer tweeted a picture to reveal, “Don’t Judge Me,” will be the fifth single from his album Fortune.

The song may just have tongues wagging since it sounds like a moving confession addressing rumors about his Rihanna to his current girlfriend Kerruche Tran:

You're hearing rum0rs about me And you can't stomach the thought Of someone touching my body When you're so close to my heart I won't deny what they saying Because most of it is true But it was all before I fell for you

But the lyrics have sparked a debate among some fans over whether the song is indeed about RiRi or not.

Can we change the subject? You gonna start asking me questions like: "Was she attractive? Was she an actress?"

Do you think Chris Brown is singing about Rihanna or does he have some explaining to do about a mystery girl? Is Brown indeed paying tribute to Nirvana's iconic song? Sound off below.



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  • japanese anime
    japanese anime

    I wouldnt think of cosplaying that I cant believe it was done, i guess it was bound to happen do to the shows popularity.

  • Chia

    , I also think that the move on Rihanna's part has to do with the understanding of her inoevvmlnt in the incident. Face reality, Chris didn't just go HAM on her because he likes beating up people. What was her role in the incident? Did she provoke him? Too much in our society are women allowed to belittle men and remove any ounce of pride and respect men have for themselves, because society favor's women over men. I've watched some pretty interesting videos where women are just beating the shit out of a man, and the man finally turns around an punches the chick in the face.While it's a no-brainer that traditional women (and I say that because we have non-traditional women in our soceity, and you know who i'm talking about) are no physical competition for a traditional man, there is a little thing called common ground , where if you step into a debate with another, you better be willing to accept all blows.Now, am I saying she did anything TO provoke him? NO, but what I am saying is, WE don't know what her role in the incident was, so judging chris brown is ridiculous and selfish of society.I mean, really, all EVERYONE knows from the story is Chris beat her up Even if she was questioned by authorities, it wouldn't matter because that information wouldn't have leaked to us.I'm sure Rihanna is a nice girl, but like most women, there is always a level of insecurity. She found a text she didn't like from him, and the rest is history So, from my perspective, it seems like she may finally be owning up to HER responsibility in the incident and saying it's not right to allow him to suffer for something WE were BOTH involved in .Mature shit