Hawaii, France, the Caribbean: 30 Celebrity Summer Vacation Hot Spots

Ashley's Bikini Vacation
Miss Tisdale surfs and soaks up the sun.
Summer means beaches, bikinis and time to unwind. Even celebs in Hollywood know it’s the time to get out of town and escape to a beautiful location for a little R and R.

So where is your favorite celebs are jetting off to?

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and George Clooney love to take off to Italy and idyllic Lake Como for sunbathing and boating.

Also going international for their vacations are Beyonce and Jay-Z, who frequent France and its sun-soaked Riviera. The power couple is also rather fond of Paris and have stayed near the famed Tuileries garden.

For a more tropical destination, celebrities love to travel to Hawaii for a quick getaway. Elvis Presley was among the first to make the islands a popular celebrity destination, and Joe and Nick Jonas love to get their hula on.

Celebuzz has rounded up 30 of the best hot spots in the world for Hollywood’s vacationing elite.

See some of the biggest celebrity vacation  destinations — which includes photos of Chris Hemsworth, Sofia Vergara and more — in our gallery.

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