Justin Bieber vs. Backstreet Boys: 'As Long As You Love Me' Video Showdown (POLL)

Bieber's "ALAYLM" Video
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Justin Bieber released his new “As Long As You Love Me” video earlier this week, which coincidentally is the same title of 1997 hit Backstreet Boys track.

The videos are extremely different with Bieber literally fighting for his girlfriend, while BSB are featured dancing for a bunch of women in a car garage while morphing into one another.

But which song and video reign supreme? Read our breakdown below and vote in the poll.

Bieber's video follows a heart-wrenching love story, showing him falling for a brunette beauty and fighting against all odds for their young head-over-heels relationship.

But their plan gets thwarted by her disapproving dad, played by Reservoir DogsMichael Madsen. Risking it all to save his romance, the Biebs gets bloodied and bruised after going fist-to-fist with the father.

In the song, Bieber sings:

"As long as you love me We could be starving We could be homeless We could be broke As long as you love me I’ll be your platinum I’ll be your silver I’ll be your gold."
(Check out Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me lyrics on DirectLyrics.)

Back in 1997, the Backstreet Boys released the pop anthem “As Long As You Love Me,” which became a staple on MTV’s daily video countdown – Total Request Live. The video shows the young boy band -- A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell -- auditioning before six ladies. The video also includes a dance that uses folding chairs as part of the choreography.

The BSB hit keeps it simple:

I don’t care who you are Where you’re from What you did As long as you love me
Fun fact: One of the ladies in the video is Leighanne Wallace, who married band member Brian Littrell in 2000!

Watch both videos above and tell us whose version of "ALAYLM" is best.



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  • Abril Cyrus
    Abril Cyrus


  • Abril Cyrus
    Abril Cyrus

    for those who say BSB were big in 1996,, bitchess, they r still the biggest boyband of all the time,, and we still Care about them!!! and dont judge em, some of their fans are just like jb fans, we are young and too fight for them!!! so, even i borned on 1999 i know the difference btw Real and GREAT MUSIC and SHIT!!

  • Michael Patriana
    Michael Patriana

    Backstreet Boys bitches

  • poonslayer99

    Bitch, You better recognize

  • poonslayer99

    What talent? Bieber is a worthless piece of shit who will NEVER even be close to being better than BSB. The two people on this forum who don't agree that BSB are better than Justin Queefer need to get their heads out of their ass and start recognizing.


    **This is because his talent doesn't even come close to BSB


    Backstreet, no question. Biebers song is catchy, and whatever, but absolutely nothing compared to BSB's. The Bieber fans are like hypnotized. Sorry, but he's been around for a few years, and now is about the time where he begins to fade. its already happening.. This is because his talent doesn't ever come close the BSB. ALSO, their comback was not a flop. still doing concerts, currently recording a new album, and recently sold out a cruise ship... and not for the first time. BSB CRUISE 2013! also, as you can see, A LOT more people care about them, than people care about Bieber. BSB fan are forever, Bieber fans are moving over to 1D as he fades out. who's next? they'll all be gone soon. But Backstreet Pride will live forever. <3

  • xxxxxxxxx

    Blasphemy! BSB should sue Bieber for using the title of their song

  • anon

    Backstreet Boys. the first time i heard jb i thought he was a girl, then i saw the picture of him and thought the same. then i got told that he was a guy and my eye twitched for the rest of the day.

  • Teresa

    and when I heard about his song "Die in Yr Arms", I thought he would cover the famous 80s song by Cutting Crew. Turned out he just borrowed the tittle.

  • Teresa

    LOL Justin is the prince of pop? Never heard that before.

  • Teresa

    NOW doesn't mean better. JB is now coz he's young, let's see his career will last long like BSB or will die fast like Aaron Carter or the original JB (Jonas Brothers).

  • Nobody

    Ah. Bieber fans, nice of you to join us!

  • Lexx

    Justin Bieber. Haters gonna hate.

  • cheynne brown
    cheynne brown

    justin bieber


    lol lol lol, Poor JB. one has got to wonder where are the beliebers though.hahahahaha

  • stephanie

    i vote for the backstreet boys sorry

  • Evie Kat Janvier
    Evie Kat Janvier

    Lol when I first saw this I was like "Ugh those damn beliebers" But I saw us Backstreeter's joining together and only one Bieber comment. I had to do an epic fist pump. Lol. BSB forever! KTBSPA.

  • Sam

    sorry backstreet boys wins!!

  • Rishav Sinha
    Rishav Sinha

    JB is nowhere near to BSB!!!As long as you love me by BSB is something that you can listen all day...15 years old song but still got more listeners than justin bieber's songs..It never gets old..THEY RULE!!!KTBSPA!!

  • Rishav

    Hahaha!!!get your facts right!!they were big only in 1996??Their 1999 album Millenium sold 30 million copies worldwide and their single "I want it that way' is the best song ever by any boyband till date...don't make fool of urself here...

  • Sheen Jain
    Sheen Jain

    this is not even a relevant contest....backstreet boys hands down....JB is good but not good enough...he can never measure up to these guys

  • christina

    oops i meant "but um yeah bsb will surely out beat bieber so to that i say KTBSPA!!!!"

  • Lupz Ramírez
    Lupz Ramírez

    backstreet boys!! <3

  • Jade Rodriguez
    Jade Rodriguez


  • christina

    Backstreet boys allllllllllllllllll the way HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! love my boys they will always beat bieber i have nothing against bieber i like some of his music but i did grow up with bsb and have been a fan for the last 13 or 14 years i will always love them and choose them over any artist sorry to all the beliebers but um yeah bsb will surely out beat bsb so to that i say KTBSPA!!!!

  • Anonz

    First of all. their* song Second, you need to check the dates before you make hypocritical assumptions Third, "No one cares about them anymore"?.... I am sadly disappointed that you put that in your sentence. 98% of the comments here are talking about BSB's Fourth, Justin may be a "good" singer but sometimes his songs titles are not original. -searching for "Somebody to Love", first result Bieber, last result Queen-

  • Me

    P.S. If "no one cares about them anymore" than why are they winning this Showdown?

  • Me

    KTBSPA: Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive. And we have...for 19 years. Let's see if Justin lasts half that.

  • O.

    wtf is KTBSPA??

  • bonnie

    woah hold on guys, are you guys feeling alright? JB never stole there song, he just has the same song title, big deal man. JB's song is amazing!! the video is perfection, tells such a realistic and beautiful story, the video is like a mini film and he acted so well in it, looked super hot and his love interest Chanel, is so gorgeous. BSB's comeback was a flop, one song and then they disappeared LOL, they were big in 1996, no one cares about them anymore. Justin is the prince of pop and he beats BSB with flying colours. CIAO :)

  • nimue

    Voting for the classic Backstreet video all the way!

  • DanieLaMcLeanBSB


  • Amber D Sefcik
    Amber D Sefcik

    This isn't even a contest! Backstreet Boys all the way! For me, this will be the only "As Long As You Love Me" worth listening to! KTBSBPA!

  • Natalie

    That awkward moment when you've been a fan since 1996 and I was literally only BORN in 1996 (but am still a fan of BSB, of course! Haha).

  • GuadaBsBFrick


  • Elle

    KTBSBPA!!!!! When I heard that Justin was making a song called 'as long as you love me' I was like whaaaaat?!?!?! Even if it isn't the "same song" BSB's version hands down wins. :)

  • J Areli Nares
    J Areli Nares

    are you kidding me!! of corse BSB!! JB's lyrics r stupid i dont hate him but of corse BSB wins

  • Shalana R Barbour
    Shalana R Barbour

    As Long As You Love Me is the Backstreet Boys. Justin Briber is very stupid for stealing another song idea from another '90's boyband. I vote is and always will be for Backstreet Boys.

  • Jenn

    Bieber's version would be a lot better if someone else sung it, i don't mind the song but def not a fan of the Biebs...my vote is for BSB hands down, i've loved them since 1996 and whenever I hear As Long As You Love Me i will always think of BSB....KTBSPA <3

  • Gladys Littrell
    Gladys Littrell

    oh, come on, what is this? BSB has being around since 19 years in the music business!! KTBSPA....Always!! ♥

  • Ariana

    As if it was even a contest! BSB all the way baby!! They are AMAZING!!!

  • Gemma M
    Gemma M

    Backstreet Boys. ALWAYS! If Bieber's is around long enough to have a poll like this when someone else names a song As Long As You Love Me, than will talk. For now him and this video are the flavour of the month.

  • Marie Horton
    Marie Horton

    conniving little snake! that's all i have to say, oh and backstreet boys win...