Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Elle MacPherson: 7 Stars’ Real Age Vs. Dress Age (VIDEO)

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How many celebs actually dress their age?

From plunging necklines to short hemlines on middle-aged stars or to frumpy separates on those you wouldn’t expect — Tinseltown is crawling with celebs who forget to check their birth date before looking in the mirror.

Celebuzz has inspected the wardrobes of some of Hollywood’s A-listers, such as Katie Holmes and Kathy Griffin and the fashion age verdict is in.

So who dresses their age and who needs to be carded by the fashion police?

Actress Katie Holmes is 33-years-old on the books, but from the looks for her apparel, one would assume otherwise.

Donning knee-length dresses, A-line skirts, and wrap tops in boring tones, Holmes has possibly let motherhood — she is a mother of one to Suri Cruise, 6 — get the best of her fashion sense.

The former Mrs. Tom Cruise is aging herself to a whopping 45-year-old in clothing years.

The Dark Knight Rises star Anne Hathaway, 29, is another Hollywood lady to dress more mature for her age.

On the other end of the spectrum, Elle MacPherson is a pro at looking young.

The 48-year-old Fashion Star host says: “I’ve been dressed in the same thing for the last 25 years … easily.”

But it isn’t just her youthful wardrobe that knocks years off “The Body” — by staying in shape, MacPherson has lived up to the nickname of her youth with her aged but envious athletic build.

Kathy Griffin also uses clothing to mask her real age — or lack of clothing.

Now in her fifties, the comedian stated:

“I’m hoping there’s a wardrobe malfunction. If not, I’ll just rip this right here and now and just let my boobs fly.”

Are wardrobe malfunctions the new way to get your groove back?

Watch this video and see how other stars’ real ages compare to their dress ages.  Sound off in the comments.