Michael Phelps Wins Gold Medal in Final Race of His Olympic Career

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Michael Phelps is ending his time at the London Games with a bang.

The 27-year-old swimmer, who announced his retirement in May, has nabbed his 18th gold medal in the men’s 100-meter medley relay — the very last race ever in his Olympic career.

Phelps swam the butterfly leg of the race with teammates Matt GreversBrendan Hansen and Nathan Adrian — clocking in first at 3:29.35 in the overall relay. Japan and Australia came in second and third respectively.

So, what’s Phelps’ medal count now?

The American athlete has received a total of 22 Olympic medals in his career, besting former record holder Larisa Latynina as the most decorated Olympian of all time. The gymnast held the title with 18 medals until July 31, when Phelps was awarded his 19th in the men’s 200-meter freestyle relay.

Phelps was also given a lifetime achievement award from FINA, the sport’s swimming federation, during his last medal ceremony to celebrate his amazing accomplishments.

After a disappointing start at the London Games, in which he placed fourth in the 400-meter individual medley, Phelps wound up with more medals than any other swimmer at the Games: four golds and two silvers.

“I’ve been able to do everything I’ve wanted,” Phelps said of his achievements. “I’ve been able to put my mind to the goals that I wanted to achieve. If you can say that about your career, there’s no need to move forward.”

See below for Phelps’ many wins during the 2012 Olympics.

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