Rosie O’Donnell Pens Poem About Fiancee Michelle Rounds’ Rare Disease

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Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell has announced that her fiancee, Michelle Rounds, has been diagnosed with rare desmoid tumors, causing the couple to postpone their wedding to next summer.

In a self-penned poem on her blog, the 50-year-old comedienne described her partner’s rare disease, writing:

life changes in an instant

desmoid tumors
odd and curious beasts
strong and sneaky
a non cancer that acts cancerous

Rounds is currently recovering from a surgery she had in June and is “getting stronger every day.”

Executive director of the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation Marlene Portnoy tells the New York Daily News that the “locally aggressive” tumors arise from connective tissue and can be fatal.

Unlike most cancer cells, the tumors don’t metastasize but can be treated with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. O’Donnell writes that the disease affects only three out of a million people.

“The outcomes are all over the board,” she says, declining to speak about Rounds’ case though she knows the couple. “There’s no established protocol and very little research. Many doctors have never seen them before. It’s frightening.”

In lieu of wedding gifts, O’Donnell and Rounds are asking for donations to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation.

“Good thoughts/wishes/prayers/all welcomed,” O’Donnell writes.

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