Ryan Lochte Clears Up Mom’s ‘One-Night Stand’ Comment, Confesses to Blake Lively Crush

Lochte's Medal Moments
Ryan Lochte's best wins from the London Olympics.
Though Ryan Loche has captured the attention of the world, there’s only one lady he wants to be with: Blake Lively.

During an interview with CNN anchor Piers Morgan, the five-time gold medalist admits he would like to be stranded on a desert island with the Savages star for the rest of his life.

“Yeah, she’s gorgeous,” Lochte gushes.

However, Lochte goes on to spill about his love life.

In response to his mother’s infamous comments on TODAY – in which the matriarch said that Lochte goes one-night stands because “he’s not able to give fully to a relationship” — the American swimmer reveals he’s actually looking for a wholesome girl to bring home.

“The past four or eight years, I really wanted to focus on my swimming. And now that I’m getting older, I want to go onto that family side of me,” says the Olympian. “That’s what I want later on in life — having a family and having kids.”

So, what does he make of his mother’s comments?

“I know what she meant by that,” he says, laughing. “She meant that I go on dates.”

“I’m young but that’s not me. I like being in relationships.”

Watch the video — above — for more of Lochte’s interview.