‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Star Kris Jenner Talks Family: ‘I Just Want Everybody to Be Happy’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Kris Jenner Talks Love
The Kardashian mom discusses her love life on 'Bethenny.'
Kris Jenner has had a tough summer with husband Bruce Jenneropening the door to an extramarital liaison on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

But Kris — who recently called the affair “crazy painful” to watch — says she’s trying to put family first while former Olympian Bruce works the London Games as an E! correspondent.

“He’s in his element and having the time of his life,” Kris says of her husband.

What else does she say about her famous family?

“He’s in London, working for E! Every night he is on television, commentating, where he belongs,” Kris tells Celebuzz at daughters Kendall and Kylie’s Seventeen magazine cover party. “He’s going to be doing track and field, and right now it’s swimming. So, he’s going to all the events and interviewing all the athletes.”

Kris has never been shy about sharing her family’s life with TV cameras.

At just 16 and 14 years old respectively, Kendall and Kylie may be a bit young for the national spotlight — but the mom-ager doesn’t see it that way.

“Not a lot of people understand reality television. I think when you embrace it and have fun with it, that’s what the girls are doing — they are having the time of their lives,” she tells us.

“People ask me all the time, ‘When is it ever going to be over? When do you want to quit?’ I’m like, ‘I never want to quit unless the kids are unhappy.’ As long as everyone is happy and doing what they love, then it’s all good.”

With older daughters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian domesticated, the only Kardashian left to marry is Kim, who is currently dating rapper Kanye West.

When asked if Kanye and Kim — famously known as Kimye — would go the distance, Jenner played coy and referenced back to supporting the family’s best interest.

“You know what, as long as they are happy — like I said, with my kids, I just want everybody to be happy,” Jenner says. “[Kanye’s] a great guy.”