Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal: 4 Latest Developments

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There's been plenty of twists and turns in the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, and the continual drama between the actress and her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson show no signs of winding down.

According to recent reports, Stewart, 22, is now living with her Welcome to the Rileys producer Giovanni Agnelli, who publicly spoke about the actress' tryst with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders on his Twitter.

How is Stewart's estranged beau handling all of this?

Read on for the latest developments on the fallout.

1. Pattinson is in contact with Stewart's new roommate.

The 26-year-old actor has been in touch with Agnelli ever since Stewart moved into his Sunset Plaza abode, according to Radar Online. "Rob knows Agnelli and has been calling him a lot since Kristen has been there," a source says. "Rob is beside himself over Kristen's betrayal. No one has ever seen him like this."

2. Stewart is still very much heartbroken about the fallout.

Though she stepped out once amid the scandal in July, Stewart is now in hiding. The young actress has allegedly been crying since moving in with Agnelli. "She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone," a source says. "She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted."

3. Sanders hasn't seen his wife since telling her about his fling.

Stewart's not the only woman with dealing with heartbreak. Actress and model Liberty Ross, who also starred in Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman as Stewart's mother, has not seen her husband since the scandal broke, according to PEOPLE. "She's been focused just on her kids through this," a source tells the magazine. "It's what she cares about the most."

4. Hollywood still loves Stewart.

Amid the drama, Stewart has landed herself a role in Lie Down in Darkness, an adaptation of a 1951 William Styron novel, according to Vulture. The actress beat out Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence for the coveted role of Peyton Loftis, a young women whose beauty makes her the object of her mother’s jealous hatred and the target of her father’s alcoholic lust. However, Stewart's involvement is only an attachment for now since the project has not been financed yet.

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  • Barbara Miller
    Barbara Miller

    hollywood my till love her but most of america does not we dont lke cheaters

  • huh?

    Did you mean "you're" reporting?

  • John

    Not really. Maybe you're hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  • LadyLestat

    Quite frankly, I'm not surprised so who cares? These people bed-hop and change spouses more than some people change their underwear. It's not cute, nor does that make it right, but nevertheless, it's what these people do. Kristin Stewart didn't strike me as the kind of person who would do something like this, but it's always the innocent looking ones that fool people.

  • shelldogga

    Wow the media and twihards are acting as though the poor girl did much worse than kiss someone! I hate cheating and don't condone it at all but seriously, enough is enough! She has paid for what she has done! I pray for both of them! Hopefully they can work past this and be happy! Time will tell! Sending strength and prayers to all four of them! Noone has won from this! Plus she could not be a homewrecker if he did not step out of his home! It took two to tango yet Kristen has gotten all the heat!

  • shanti

    yes everyone makes mistakes. simply stop judging and blaming others, look at your own inner idiosyncracies. It is time to grow up and learn compassion and forgiveness. The whole world will be better for it

  • Michael Prymula
    Michael Prymula

    I heard elsewhere that Kristen's been working out at Gold's Gym and that she's been staying at her parents house, not this Agnalli guy.

  • kiki434

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  • Helen

    I totally agree with you,media frenzy is eating this up,I read shes pregnant now and doesnt know who the father is,wow finally another imaculate conception she must be a holy person since she never slept with him.Everyone needs to leave them alone sure rob is rightfully hurt and has a ego to control but in time he will realize its because he cant be without her.I guarantee no matter how many girls he dates,he will somehow come back to what makes him happy and that is a remorseful kristen who cheated and cant take it back.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    But everyone does betray or hurt someone they love at some point.

  • kathyR

    Some of the above comments are really stupid, just becasuse they are who they are we need to crucify them over and over she made a mistake and from what I see she is paying for it, leave them alone to sort this out as they will, I think they love each other enough to put this to right. Rob will forgive her and Kristen will never do this again if she even thinks of repeating this mistake she is stupid, and really she is only 22 what do they know at this age?

  • Sam

    Oh.... wonder who she slept with to get this role.

  • Guest

    That is not "a poem" - it is a Bible verse. 1 Corinthians 13.

  • Ha

    Then she can cheat on him too!

  • John

    The media is making this story worst, they should stop posting stories and allow them to work out their issues without all the negative publicity. At the end of the day it's none of our business.

  • Tracey Bown Riley
    Tracey Bown Riley

    chin kristen up pls moved on ur life kristen will finds a man very soon who will be there for kristen

  • Vic

    Look in the mirror.

  • Vic

    The whole first paragraph is just not true. Humans are all of those things at one time or another.

  • habib

    Because of your unbelief and Western religious and moral corruption are suffering from loose cargo. Nesting is not worth more than one actor and one who married (Kristin Stewart), so it puts everything under foot and her husband (Robert Pattinson) will betray God gave you to reach.

  • Nname

    They debunked the fact that she's still heartbroken? Why the fuck wouldn't she still be heartbroken?

  • LisaB

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but not everyone cheats.

  • LisaB

    Gossip Cop was one of the first to confirm the "indiscretion," so how can they be PR? I almost gave up on them when I read that story until 5 minutes later when Kristen apologized. That site is the ONLY one I view as at all credible right now -- even People has lowered itself in my estimation.

  • trish22

    So, he's supposed to have faith in her and hope she doesn't cheat on him again? You don't cheat on the one you love. Your faith, hope and love crap just flew out the window. It's time to move on.

  • Guene

    Love Is Patient Poem Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily agered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. . . . And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

  • Jody

    Gossip cop is a site that celebs use to do pr work. Dont believe anything they say.

  • Nonya

    Better yet the media needs to leave this issue alone, it is no one business, everyone cheats, my ex cheated on me and there was no press no media talking about, so why is it that a famous person is any different, fuck we are all human famous or not, get over it she cheated he is hurt that happens. Shit happens and life goes on......had to say something because I am tired of going to google news or. Yahoo front page and seeing this crap, let's deal with what is important and let rob and Kristen work this out in private like a non famous person would do.... GET OVER IT PEOPLE.......THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN.....

  • Um

    Your reporting stuff that has been proven to be false

  • Gai

    Gossip cop already debunked 1,2, and 4