Bing’s ‘Summer of Doing’ Kicks Off With Skateboarding Tricks (VIDEO)

Former MTV’s Total Request Live host Damien Fahey caught up with pro-skateboarder Tom Schaar as part of Bing’s “Summer of Doing”.

Celebuzz has video of Schaar’s impressive skate tricks as well his go-kart race against Fahey.

See who came out on top!

Fahey is kicking off Bing’s “competing” week in Malibu, Calif. and met up with Schaar to talk about his whirlwind road to skateboarding fame.

Schaar completed his first 1080 on a skateboard, which in skateboarder world is three full revolutions. He is the only known person in the world to have landed such a trick on a skateboard.

Oh, and he’s just 12-years-old.

Since Fahey is no skateboarder, he challenged Schaar to a friendly competition in go-kart racing.

Watch the video to see Schaar’s insane talent and how Fahey made out in the race!