‘Bourne Legacy’ Actor Louis Ozawa Changchien: Aaron Cross Has an Edge on Jason Bourne (VIDEO)

'Bourne Legacy' Trailer
See Jeremy Renner as Jason Cross in the new Bourne.
What would happen if Jason Bourne went head-to-head with Aaron Cross — the new lead character from the hit series?

“I’m a fan of Bourne, [but] I think Cross might have an edge on him,” actor Louis Ozawa Changchien, who plays LARX #3 in The Bourne Legacy, told Celebuzz.

“Personally, I think my character would kick all of their butts.”

Still, Changchien confessed Jeremy Renner — who stars as medically-enhanced spy agent Aaron Cross in the franchises’ fourth film, taking the lead from Matt Damon — was not easy to keep up with while shooting the stunt-filled action flick.

How did he prepare to go up against Renner on set?

“(Renner) would one up me, and then I’d try to one up him,” said Changchien, who’s best know for his role in 2010’s Predator. “Everyday was like that. If he’d run really fast, I’d tried to run as fast as I could, and vice versa.”

To get ready for the movie it took a lot of hard work, “a lot of swimming, a lot of running, a lot of lifting,” Changchien said.

When it came to warming up for the motorcycle scenes, “They would take us out to a track and we would ride around practicing slides on the motorcycle,” he recalled. “There were a few crashes!”

Even Rachel Weisz got in on the wheeling.

“Very first day, the stunt rider put her on the back of a bike and immediately started popping wheelies and endos and she just had to hold on for dear life. There’s nothing scarier than riding on the back of the bike. Like on the front, no problem. Back, I would never. What she does is actually really hard.”

And that wasn’t even the most fear-provoking feat on the cast tackled on the Philippines set.

“Running on the rooftops of Manila, that’s…scary,” Changchien said. “The rooftops are pretty rickety.”

But location had its perks.

“The people are just the warmest, friendliest people,” Changchien gushed of Filipinos. “It’s hot there…but the beaches are unbelievable. On our few days off, we got a chance to go to the beaches. I’ve never been to such beautiful beaches.”

Who do you think would be victorious in a fight between Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross? Weigh in below.