Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: Robert Pattinson Parties First Time Since News of Affair Broke (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

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Robert Pattinson has come out of hiding for the first time since Kristen Stewart was caught cheating with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

The Twilight star stepped out on Saturday to let loose with a few pals at country-western bar The Deer Lodge in Ojai, Calif., where he’s been holed up at his Water for Elephant costar Reese Witherspoon’s off-the-grid ranch estate.

One of the bands Pattinson came to see said they were very flattered that they could help him forget his girl problems for a while.

“Even though we didn’t get a chance to say hello, we are glad to have helped him get over his recent heartbreak,” Ryan Ross from The Lonely Wild told Celebuzz.

So did music help soothe Pattinson’s broken heart?

“Sometimes a couple drinks, some friends, and some loud music are the best medicine,” Ross said.

Ross was so busy playing for everyone at the bar — not just the extremely famous British star in the crowd — the bassist from the Los Angeles-based band didn’t even notice if Pattinson was there.

“We heard that he was there and was enjoying the music,” Ross told Celebuzz, “I would have remembered if anyone was openly weeping about recent relationship woes though, so I can assure you there was none of that.”

A fellow partygoer, Julie Demdam, took to her Twitter page to boast about her bar-mate.

“Robert Pattinson and his friends are at The Deer Lodge getting wasted,” she wrote. “Rob is with some panty droppers. They’re on the dance floor dancing like crazy.”

“He wasn’t moping and the girls were definitely just his friend,” she continued. “The girls were drunk and literally danced on the floor. He wasn’t drunk. Just taking in the scene. Smoked next to him outside.”

After her night alongside R-Pattz, Demdam tweeted, “Awesome night in Ojai. Got to hang out with a rowdy bunch of Brits & one of them happened to be Edward.”

Ever since Stewart’s public apology for her affair, Witherspoon has let Pattinson shack up at her home. Witherspoon said that her former costar is “a very sensitive soul” and that she is optimistic that the ranch will have “a calming effect” on him,” according to the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Stewart has mostly stayed off the radar while hiding out at producer pal Giovanni Agnelli’s home. Agnelli, who producer Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys, recently came to the defense of the embattled actresses. “I’ll say right now what the manipulative media isn’t saying,” he wrote on Twitter. “Kristen Stewart did not have any type of sex with Rupert Sanders.”

And it seems Stewart’s hasn’t taken a hit amid the scandal. She reportedly landed the lead role as Peyton Loftis in an adaptation of William Styron’s Lie Down in Darkness.

Do you think R-Pattz is ready to move on? Sound off in comments.

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