Kristen Stewart’s Reason for Cheating on Robert Pattinson Explained in New YouTube Parody (VIDEO)

Can Robsten Survive?
Experts weigh in on Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal.
Why did Kristen Stewart cheat on Robert Pattinson?

Comedian Laura McDonald — famed for her spot-on impressions of the Twilight star — is giving a reason. Or four.

In her ‘Kristen Stewart Explains Cheating’ YouTube clip, McDonald spoofs K-Stew, insisting she has “really good explanations” for why she “did it” with the director of her film, “Snow White and the Thor.”

So what drove the actress into the arms of Rupert Sanders?

Surrounded by moving boxes of “R-Pattz sunscreen,” “R-Pattz clothes,” and “R-Pattz hoodies,” McDonald channels her inner Stewart with constant fidgeting and hair grabbing in the four-minute mock message.

Her list of rationales for sleeping with Sanders ranges from fulfilling the final wish of an ailing Make A Wish kid to preventing the kidnapping of her pet pooch.

But first and foremost, faux K-Stew says she betrayed her beloved R-Pattz for the sake of her Snow White performance.

“On the first day of filming Snow White and the Midgets,” says McDonald, “Rupert came up to me and he was like, ‘I like to get to know my actors. In order to truly get to know my actors, I sleep with them. All of them. Now this relaxes them and they give better performances for it. You wanna give a good performance, yes?'”

“And he said that Martin Scorsese did the same thing with Goodfellas, which is why the fellas are so good,” the comedian continues. “A couple days after we did sex, I asked Thor if he enjoyed doing sex with Rupert and he was all, ‘I’ve not had sex with Rupert, or any man.’ It turns out that no one has sex with Rupert, just me…and one dwarf.”

The video is just the latest in McDonald’s long string of spoofs, which include Stewart explaining Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

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