‘Shake It Up’ Star Ainsley Bailey Talks Season Finale, Favorite Moments With the Cast

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Ainsley Bailey is shaking things up.

The young starlet recently reprised her role as the hilarious Dina Garcia on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, where she met boyfriend Deuce Martinez’s identical cousin (both played by Adam Irigoyen). Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

So what do the Shake It Up cast have planned for the second season’s big finale?

Celebuzz caught up with Bailey to find out.

Tell us a little bit about your recent episodes.

It was really fun, because we haven’t done anything like it before, where you actually get to meet [Deuce’s] identical cousin who gets into some interesting shenanigans. It was cool to see how they did all that because, of course, Adam was playing his identical cousin. I was just confused when it was going on. I don’t know how the director kept everything in check. He knew exactly where the camera needed to be and it was such a cool filming process for me.

So Shake It Up’s season finale is coming up!

Yes! “Made in Japan.” I actually got to go to a screening of it last week. It’s so cute! I love it so much. I am planning on watching it again when it airs just because I love it so much. There’s a couple cool dances and they have some awesome guest stars on it. I think it just turned out really cool and I’m just so impressed what they were able to do in such a short time. The costumes and everything; it’s just really, really cool.

Can you tell us a little bit about the episode’s guest stars?

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but I can tell you they were very funny and I think they brought a lot of new dynamic to it. They really helped the story line and made things fresh, so I think it everyone is really going to like it.

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Who is your dream guest star for Shake it Up?

I’m a huge fan of The Office. I think it would be so cool if anyone from that show could come in and play a teacher or something. It was also actually really cool when Maggie Wheeler guest-starred because I grew up watching Friends, so when I saw her name on the script, I freaked out. I was so excited.

Whose acting career do you want to emulate?

I have a lot of acting inspirations, but someone whose career I really admire is Ellen Page’s. She’s done a lot of great comedies, but she’s also done some really cool dramatic things too. I just want to be really versatile — just be able to handle anything that comes my way. I think that she’s done a really great job of proving she can do that. I think she’s great in everything she does and I want to be that great in everything I do.

Where do you see yourself after the show?

I’m a huge fan of comedy. I love movies. I would love to do some really cool funny movies. I think it would be really cool to do some voiceover work for a movie — that’s been one of my acting dreams for a while. I just saw Brave yesterday and it would be so cool to do a voiceover for something like that. Basically, I just want to be a Disney princess.