Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy: 9 Other Women Who’ve Romanced a Kennedy (PHOTOS)

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T-Swift Gets Kennedy Approval
Conor Kennedy's grandmother approves of his girlfriend.
Following in the footsteps of many Hollywood leading ladies before her, Taylor Swift is falling into the arms of a Kennedy.

The country crooner, 22, has been spotted spending time with the Robert F. Kennedy’s 18-year-old grandson, Conor, at the all-American political family’s Hyannisport, Mass., compound.

Their young romance blossomed last week over nights out with pals, strolls on the beach, sailing and even attending services at a local church.

What other ladies have cozied up to the Kennedy lads?

From Madonna to Daryl Hannah to Christina Haag, many women have swooned over the men of America’s greatest political dynasty.

Some even reportedly carried on secret controversial flings with married Kennedy’s, such as Marilyn Monroe allegedly did with both Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy.

But the most famous ladies’ man of them all is Robert Kennedy Jr., who bedded Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker and Brooke Shields, just the name a few.

Celebuzz rounded up the Kennedy men’s Hollywood romances.

Which pairing do you think made the best couple? Weigh in below.

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