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The feud between Ed and Reid came to a head on Monday night's episode of ABC's Bachelor Pad, in which trusts were broken and the remaining contestants participated in something called a Hot Sludge Fundae.


The episode itself kicked off with a nervous Reid, who was still reeling from his unsuccessful bid to get Ed eliminated last week. With Ed still in the mansion -- excuse us, Pad -- Reid became convinced that he was the next person to go. How prescient of you, Reid.

Note: Spoilers ahead of you haven't seen Monday's episode of Bachelor Pad.

Sarah, too, was perturbed by the elimination results, mostly because she felt guilty for voting for Ed in the first place. Her feelings of guilt would come into play later on in the episode.

With emotions running high, the contestants left the mansion to partake in this week's challenge, in which they essentially had to swim and climb through some type of giant ice cream concoction.

Granted, the challenge wasn't as funny as last week's rhythmic gymnastics competition, however it did yield some pretty interesting results.

Case in point: Rachel and Super Fan David were crowned the winners, making them safe from elimination, while partners Ed and Jamie got a vote against them after poor, old Ed failed to finish the competition. Shortly thereafter, everyone began to realize that David is way more of a threat than they initially thought.

To celebrate his victory, David took Erica and enemies Jamie and Blakeley out for a prom-themed date, in which Blakeley tried her best to convince David to give her the rose. She figured he would say yes after their previous date, in which David pledged his allegiance to her.

To her surprise, though, Blakeley failed to get the rose, which went to Jaime instead. Blakeley called the decision a "total mistake."

Rachel's date, meanwhile, was a pretty big waste of time for everyone who wasn't Michael. With feelings brewing between the potential couple, Nick and Tony basically had no chance of getting the rose, though they did do their best to enjoy their date with Rachel at Madame Tussaud's.

Back at the mansion -- again, sorry, Pad -- Jamie tried to get all sexy for Chris, who shot down her advances with two of the worst lines a guy can say to a girl: "It's not you, it's me," followed by, "I'm tired." Hopefully, Jamie grows tired of Chris very soon. Because, no.

Then it was time for eliminations. Still determined to get Ed out of the game, Reid tried to rally the troops for another attack on his former Bachelorette competitor. This time around, however, Sarah wasn't having it, and went straight to Ed to tell him what was going on.

This led to two very awkward confrontations between Ed and Reid, during which Reid tried to deny his conspiracy, then explain that it was all part of the game. By then, though, it was too late for Reid, and he was sent packing.

Oh, and Super Fan Donna went home, too, but nobody really seemed to notice.

What did you think of Monday night's episode? Did Reid and Donna deserve to go home? Sound off in the comments, below!

Buzz Moments

On the Hose: After the Hot Sludge Funday challenge, the contestants conveniently decided to hose each other down with water. Because, why not?

Making a Splash: Ed and Jaclyn had so much fun in the pool together, they took their party to the bedroom, where they proceeded to do, well, who knows what?

Plea Bargain: Upset with how the game has unfolded, Jaclyn made a plea to everyone to "re-evaluate" their game play and "be a little bit more honest." This came directly after Reid was sent packing.

Final Words: Accepting his elimination, a defeated Reid looked at the remaining contestants and proclaimed, "It's a game." Indeed.



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