Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Courtney Stodden Says She ‘Doesn’t Do Anything’ to Stay Fit (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Spotlight on No. 101
101 Hot Bodies: Spotlight on #101 Courtney Stodden

Sure, she's been known to post videos of herself wearing next to nothing as she "works out."

But Courtney Stodden -- who kicked off Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies countdown Monday, at No. 101 -- happens to prefer a less-regimented schedule when it comes to keeping fit.

The child bride, who will turn 18 this month, denies cosmetic surgery rumors and says her body is 100 percent natural. She also claims that - gasp - she doesn't even work out!

Celebuzz learned this and more fun facts from Stodden, a long-time favorite on our site (remember this, and this ... and this?), on a recent photo shoot.

Get the full rundown by watching our video, below, then be sure to check out photos from Celebuzz's shoot in the gallery, above!


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  • billyinc1

    Courtney is AWESOME!

  • billyinc1

    You are simply Divine; love Your Hair Gorgeous.

  • Eriko

    I always thhguot the baby's breath related to those flowers that were often in traditional wedding bouquets, and the shoe full of rice related to the idea that people throw rice at a wedding .so I guess I thhguot it meant they didn't want to get married, so they had an abortion?

  • ceritalucu
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  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Lana that hair is Doug's tail...hence jack-ass

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    And this girl is ? I never heard of her? Is she a singer, actress, comedian.. She must be a porn star with the way she carries herself it is obvious...she lacks talent and presence.


    Courtney Stodden would look what she married..a 51 year old skank ass perv!!!

  • kiki434

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  • Eryn

    Thats why she has videos of her working out! She is such a bad liar.. celebuzz get ur info right

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Still catching flies with that open mouth...being a spooge dump...old habits die hard

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Courtney.....psssst..... those are panties NOT a bikini you dumb ho. She outta be arrested for indecent exposure...and abuse of a horse. That hair did not come from a salon. Her and Doug snatched it from a horse ranch.

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Snaggle Tooth is ROCKING!

  • Meow

    Yeah, and I'm frickin' Morgan Freeman. She has totally talked about working out before. But I reckon another reason why she stays so fit, is because she's "recently switched to a Vegan." Which gives her an excuse to pretty much eat nothing and continue on with her daily rations of energy drinks and diet pills. Girl, God isn't your plastic surgeon. And there is absolutely no shame in telling people you work out. Next thing, you'll be telling everyone that those ratty fake hair extensions are "rill" too. Also, who is this 35 year old rich Doctor that keeps posting? You type like a 12 year old girl. How did you even manage to graduate Medical School with such poor grammar? You're no Doctor. If anything you're probably some spam douche who thinks he can ensnare a woman by telling her you're a Doctor and you're rich. Well, grab your cape super douche, and fly away from this website. No one is going to fall for your trickery today.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Are you even effin serious right now with this trash???

  • Ella

    bullshit those tit's aren't fake... obviously implants

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    At least she's beginning to get a grip on her facial muscles. Still skanky, though.

  • jennyjazz

    Of course she doesnt have to work out, she's only 17!

  • H

    she doesnt do anything because she has plastic surgery

  • AlaBella

    I'm sorry but even Paris Hilton has more class that this being. I'm really dreading the day Courtney turns 18

  • Max

    I'm sure even Courtney has had enough with the teasing already... she is just waiting to turn 18 so she can start making hard core porn. lol -_-