‘Community’s’ Yvette Nicole Brown on Why She Isn’t Worried About Ex-Showrunner Dan Harmon

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It has been a few months since NBC and Sony Television fired Community’s creator and showrunner Dan Harmon. But, while actress Yvette Nicole Brown misses the creative genius behind the show, she warns against pitying him.

“I adore Dan, I think that people have a misconception that he’s like in some sad place and his life is over,” Brown tells Celebuzz while promoting The Hub’s Pup-ularity Contest recently.

“Dan has had three new projects that he’s working on with major networks,” she continues. “It’s going to be that way, because he knows what he’s doing and he’s a good writer and good creator. I don’t think that anybody should be losing sleep or crying for Dan.”

On Tuesday, the show will have its first table read of the upcoming fourth season. And Brown has been able to get to know the duo who are taking over in place of Harmon, David Guarascio and Moses Port. These days, she’s feeling a lot more relaxed about the turnover and feels fans can breathe easier too.

“I think that there was a perception that they brought in some corporate suits. They’re not like that, they’re really not,” she tells us. “Since Comic-Con, we’ve all had a chance to kind of get to know them a little better.”

“They know Community better than I know Community and I have done three seasons and 80-hour weeks for Community. They were bringing up stuff, little comments that one of our characters have said,” she continues. “And I’m like, ‘I don’t even remember that line.’ They really are fans of the show. This is not a game for them.”

Also, fans may not know that Brown has voiced the character Cookie on The Hub’s animated series, Pound Puppies. And as the show gears up for its next season, it’s celebrating its “Dog Days of Summer” with a Pupularity Contest.

“They’re trying to find the nation’s happiest dog,” Brown explains. “All the viewers have to do is send in a picture of their dog. They go to Hubworld.com, they submit their picture of their dog happy, smiley and enjoying life. Other viewers can go to the website and pick who they think is the happiest dog is.”

The contests benefits the Petfinder Foundation and the winning dog’s owner gets a $2,500 cash prize and a trip to L.A. with three friends.

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