Demi Lovato, Halle Berry and Matthew McConaughey: Celebrities’ Supernatural Stories

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Everyone loves a good ghost story, but not everyone has a personal story of their own brush with the supernatural.

However, some celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Lady Gaga have their own haunted stories to tell.

Which celeb spent almost $5,000 on special gear to get rid of her ghost?

Some of Hollywood’s most popular celebs have had their own experiences with haunted spirits and ghosts.

Former ‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen caught her ghost on camera. While visiting a deceased neighbor’s house in her mother’s hometown, she caught a shadowy figure standing in the window.

Lady Gaga reportedly spent $5,000 for “ghost-buster” gear to help ward off a spirit she named Ryan before she performed in London on her Monster Ball tour.

From Halle Berry to Nicolas Cage, Celebuzz gathered some of the best celebrity supernatural stories. Check them out in the gallery above!

Have you ever encountered something supernatural? Leave a comment below with your story!

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