Demi Lovato, Halle Berry and Matthew McConaughey: Celebrities' Supernatural Stories

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Everyone loves a good ghost story, but not everyone has a personal story of their own brush with the supernatural.

However, some celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Lady Gaga have their own haunted stories to tell.

Which celeb spent almost $5,000 on special gear to get rid of her ghost?

Some of Hollywood's most popular celebs have had their own experiences with haunted spirits and ghosts.

Former 'Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen caught her ghost on camera. While visiting a deceased neighbor's house in her mother's hometown, she caught a shadowy figure standing in the window.

Lady Gaga reportedly spent $5,000 for "ghost-buster" gear to help ward off a spirit she named Ryan before she performed in London on her Monster Ball tour.

From Halle Berry to Nicolas Cage, Celebuzz gathered some of the best celebrity supernatural stories. Check them out in the gallery above!

Have you ever encountered something supernatural? Leave a comment below with your story!

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  • BG

    Some encounters as a very young child but wrote them off as "imagination". I had the most intense encounters during adolescence. I didn't believe in ghosts until I babysat a toddler in a house which turned out to be very haunted. My experiences there were later collaborated by former residents of the house who'd had similar experiences. I kept trying to come up with a rational explanation for everything going on that night when the ghost attacked me. It pushed me down to the floor & prevented me from getting up. (I had to literally crawl from that spot before I could stand up.) I think that he (the ghost) wanted acknowledgement & wanted my help. I've had other intense experiences with ghosts as an adult but I'm learning how to deal with them better as time goes on. Ghosts are not all "evil". Most are just lost, many never believed in anything & are upset to find that we have spirits that remain after the body is gone, they're afraid, some are suicides, murder victims & just troubled people. You don't have to communicate with them directly, just pray for them to get guidance so that they can move on, for a loved one to help them out. Our free will doesn't stop when the body dies; we can refuse to leave this plane of existence. We create our own hell