Poison Frontman Bret Michaels Reveals How He Gets His Abs Of Steel (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

"health is about both the inside and out"

Bret Michaels is finally ready to share his fitness secrets – and how he gets those famously chiseled abs – and Celebuzz has all the exclusive details.

“No excuse, put it to use,” Michaels told us exclusively, using his very own mantra which has earned the 49-year-old his envious physique.

“I get my six pack with mountain biking, kick-boxing, strength training, running and a lot of sit ups."

How can the Poison frontman's fans get in shape too?

Michaels, who last week called of his engagement to longtime girlfriend Kristi Gibson, is coming out with his "Rock Bands" resistance training workout regimen for Christmas season.

Though fans can’t get their hands on it until the end of the year, they can get a sneak peek of Michaels' results here.

A lifelong diabetic, Michaels has learned how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It hit home even more when he beat the medical odds by recovering from a massive brain hemorrhage in 2010 and surgery to repair a hole in his heart the following year.

“This put things in perspective. I know that health is about both the inside and out,” he told Celebuzz.

And he’s given a new meaning to the rock and roll lifestyle – and diet.

“If I have pizza and beer during one meal, I’ll exchange it for vegetables and a piece of chicken in my next,” he added.

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Would you try Bret Michaels' workout plan? Sound off in the comments below.



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  • DLM

    I dom't do pizza and a beer. I prefer to live towards a vegan lifestyle and plenty of exercise. In other words, stay far away from all those bad carbs. They can reck havoc the body

  • Melissa Margaret Windsor
    Melissa Margaret Windsor

    Funny, as I read this I am having pizza and beer. LOL! So I guess fish and fresh spinach should be my next meal....we'll see if it works! One change I have made since I have a vitamin D deficiency is I drink more milk. Mostly skim milk, but it does seem to help.

  • liuxiang

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  • Monica