Sofia Vergara’s Baby Bump Exposed: First Photos of her On-Set Pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Sexy Sofia Vergara
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Sofia Vergara is used to busting out her curves but a baby bump isn’t normally one of them.

The fiery Colombian, 40, was snapped suffering a wardrobe malfunction on the LA set of Modern Family leaving her cleavage and her pregnant tummy on show.

But Vergara is not expecting a baby in real life and was simply sporting a prosthetic for the scene.

So what sexy outfit did she pop out of?

The scene shows Vergara’s overly amorous character, Gloria, stepping out in sky high heels and a revealing top, despite being pregnant.

But her choice of wardrobe soon lets her down, as her top pops open revealing her ever expanding belly and black bra.

Her on-screen son, played by Rico Rodriguez, rushes to her rescue to help her cover up but the damage is already done.

Vergara has exciting news in her real life too and recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Nick Loeb.

It was her 20-year-old son, Manolo Gonzalez, who confirmed the proposal on his YouTube channel.

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