‘The Glee Project’s’ Top 5 Contestants Reveal Their Dream ‘Glee’ Characters (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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Around this time on the last season of The Glee Project, the contestants were sitting pretty — they just didn’t know it yet. Getting down to the Top 5 was pretty much the end of the show, despite claims that there could be only one winner, the Top 4 all walked away with appearances in some capacity on Glee.

Arguably, though, they weren’t all of the same skill level when it came to singing, dancing, and acting. Admittedly, neither are everyone in the regular cast of Glee, but perhaps that’s a whole discussion in and of itself…

So, let’s not celebrate the end of this season prematurely: in order to ensure this year’s crop of kids can go toe-to-toe with glass-shattering vocals, as well as tear-inducing monologues, the next challenge for The Glee Project Season 2’s Top 5 is, fittingly, “Actability.”

Who do you think will step outside his or herself and play against type tonight?

“Being in that competition we could never count on ‘Oh, there were four winners last year; they’re totally going to pick four!’ We could never count on that; you never knew what they were going to throw at you, and Ryan Murphy can do whatever he wants,” The Glee Project Top 5 contender Lily Mae Harrington said when Celebuzz caught up with her.

Needless to say, all of The Glee Project contestants were forced to step it up for their judges and guest mentors, especially Dianna Agron, who comes in for “Actability” to help the group tap into an emotionally powerful story arc told through a film trailer.

Rather than featuring the singing and dancing choreography of a music video, “Actability” sees the Top 5 playing with type as high schoolers in a small town, all struggling with various internal conflicts.

Watch Agron announce which contender will be playing which character in our sneak peek clip below!

Celebuzz previously dream cast The Glee Project contenders, but knowing they were about to take on such a challenge, we asked them to dream cast themselves:

“When I first got on The Glee Project, I wanted a character that was big and ballsy and didn’t care what anybody thinks, but throughout the competition, I realized how unrealistic that is,” Harrington considered.

“There are so many different sides to so many different people, and I discovered that about myself being on [the show], so I want a character that definitely has that ballsy side but has a softer side as well.”

Blake Jenner, meanwhile, told us his dream Glee character was the All-American, seemingly too good to be true high school guy, but [Spoiler Alert!] it is one he doesn’t get to tap into this week:

“For me, the character that I haven always strived to be is the guy who’s always there for you. I mean, he might not be the most musically trained or anything like that, but he’s your go-to guy for advice and stuff like that. He can make you laugh when you need him to or be serious when you need him to, but he’s just always there,” Jenner smiled.

Michael Weisman, meanwhile was a bit more simplistic when describing his perfect role, calling him “a musician type [who] plays a lot of guitar,” just like the guy he really is.

“And just someone who really takes school seriously, too—enjoys school and learning and takes it seriously,” Weisman continued.

As Harrington pointed out, though, Murphy really does have the power to change his mind from week to week when it comes to what he wants to see and from whom. So while Jenner felt it was important to always “have Ryan experiencing the journey with you, not just watching you” each time in front of him, it is still to be determined whether playing one’s self or stepping wildly outside of one’s comfort zone to play a completely unique character will actually win one of these contenders the show.

The Glee Project airs on Oxygen on Tuesday nights at 10 PM.

What would you want a Glee movie to be about? Post your best pitch in the comments below!

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