'The Voice' Star Christina Aguilera Stages Musical Comeback With Sexy Album Promo Shot (PHOTO)

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A slimmed down and glammed up Christina Aguilera has issued a warning to her critics through a newly-released promo picture for her upcoming album -- she's back and she means business.

The 31-year-old diva is still keeping the official details for her single on the hush hush, but her fresh look -- photographed by Jake Bailey -- may be a hint at what's to come.

What can we expect from the pop star?

Last summer, The Voice judge described her new sound as being "very heartfelt, deep-rooted, and introspective."

Due out by the end of 2012, if her pure, vintage inspire promotion shot is anything to go by, fans can expect a more refined, more classic studio album.

The return to a more classic sound would be in stark contrast to her very modern last album, Bionic.

Released in 2010 the album -- featuring songs such as Not Myself Tonight and Bionic -- read the lyrics on DirectLyrics -- failed to sell the big numbers the songstress is used to.

The black-and-white print captures the pop star's beauty and grace in a flattering light.

Aguilera has recently been the focus of criticism as she struggled with her weight while filming The Voice.

The album also has a very personal touch to it for the blonde singer -- beau Matthew Rutler has created some tracks for the star.

But the first single, produced by Max Martin, is the one to currently keep an eye and ear out for --  and is expected to debut at some point this month.

Are you excited for the Genie in a Bottle star's new tracks? Leave a comment below.

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